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    I am currently working with a law firm that is involved prosecuting JW pedophile cases. Just over 2 years ago I posted a POLL and its RESULTS on JWD. You can read them below. We are trying to obtain the E-Mail addresses of those who commented so that the attorney involved can contact you directly and confidentially.

    If you participated in the POLL or its RESULTS, or if after reading the POLL and RESULTS you decide that you would have participated, then the attorney I am working with would appreciate having a way to contact you in confidence, and not reveal your E-Mail or whether you are responding. Please do not post your E-Mail address on this post. Otherwise, comments are okay.

    PLEASE, again, if it is permissable to you to be contacted by the attorney I am working with, then PM me privately on this site with your E-Mail address, or send an E-Mail to me at [email protected]. Please note in the subject line "JW LEGAL" so I will spot your message right away and pass it along to the attorney.

    I will not have any knowledge of your information other than passing along your E-Mail address. The rest will be between you and the attorney. This is an important effort as it will enable some justice and accountability to be achieved. Your participation is greatly appreciated, even if it turns out that your information is not directly used, your response is most important and counts a lot -- more than you may realize. Please make no assumption whatsoever about the significance of your information, as I have learned that what we know may be very powerful. Let the legal experts make that determination.

    Please read the following posts to find your posted responses, or if you realize that you could or would have responded had you seen this POLL and its RESULTS sooner, then feel free to send me your E-Mail:

    POLL: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/7595/1.ashx
    RESULTS: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/7807/1.ashx

    Thanks in advance for your help. - Jim Whitney

    PS: Please help me keep this post at the top for the next few days so that everyone has time to see it and respond.

    PPS to Moderators: Simon and Mods, please support me on this, and do not move this post to another section until it has had time to run its course. By Monday or Tuesday, I will move it to the Child Abuse section. Thanks again in advance. - Jim W.

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    Big Tex
    Please make no assumption whatsoever about the significance of your information,

    With my elders' criticism that I had no eyewitnesses ringing in my ears. . .

    I knew of 4, one of whom was convicted.

    I will send you an email.

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    I sent you an email too.



  • Amazing

    bttt - I still need many more. Thanks

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    you're on top now


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    Good to see you back on the forum! I have not been on much lately, myself.

    How Are you doing health wise? I'm sure you posted about it somewhere, so if you could just give me the URL that would be OK. I know this is off-topic to the thread, but at least it will keep it on the top. It is better then the btt.


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    Hey Amazing, let me know what your available times to recieve a phone call will be one day during next week ok?


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    Hi Plmkrzy,

    During the week, Mon-Fri ... about 11 Am to 5 Pm Central Time (Chicagoland) ... email me if you don't have my number. - Jim W.

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