Governing Body Update #9...Jehovah is guiding his people during the pandemic

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  • smiddy3
  • smiddy3

    Just how is Jah guiding his people through this pandemic ?

  • wozza

    " Just how is jehovah guiding his people...."?

    Good question when considering the above ,the GB is saying nothing more than what doctors and politicians are advising people to protect themselves!

    So How is it that there is a higher than the general populace infection and death rate among JW's

    Could it be that Jah's people are a rebellious lot who don't listen to practical advice from the world ,nor even their own GB who are now parroting the words of the world?

    Maybe because Jw's have ingrained in them that they are something special ,well that's what the GB have told them for so long , but really the only ones of them that have stayed safe from a pandemic is the priveleged who lock themselves in a compound and don't have to go into the world and earn a living and pay for that protective compound of the GB and it's associates.

    There has been no special information from the GB that actually has been followed by their drones to protect them in a pandemic. So therefore where is the protection promised by the bible? Even stopping the Jw's from meeting and visiting peoples homes with their message has still lead them to be infected and die more than the general populace. So once again the GB says something and yet the sheep are at fault ,the rebellious lot would have been better to not go out into the world and provide for their families and a safe compound for those GB members.

  • zachias

    "They said in their letter that JW's have a higher rate of deaths from the virus than the average population."

    this does not surprise me as over the years I have observed that as a group JW's are the unhealthiest of people.

  • hoser


    I believe it’s the stress of the jw lifestyle that makes them unwell. I’m glad I’m mentally out and can see through the bullshit.

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