King of The North: circular news top?

by Gorbatchov 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • sir82

    If it isn't in print, it isn't so.

    That's so 2015

    The current litmus test is: If it is stated in a JW Broadcast video, it is the gospel truth*

    * Until superseded by a later video.

    Seriously - their video department is now the leading proclaimer of "new light".

    I expect their November "monthly broadcast", available the first Monday in November, will break this newsflash by showing the AGM talk it was announced in.

    The latest "Study edition" of the Watchtower available as of now (10/10/18) is January 2019. So I would expect the February or March 2019 edition to have a "Questions [made up by us but let's call it] From Readers" confirming this new light.

  • steve2

    The king of the North has not been identified either on the platform or in JW publications. Nothing to see her folks -- move along.

  • longgone

    For what it’s worth, last Sunday night my JW sister called my Dad from across the country to tell him that the King of the North is Russia.

  • EverApostate

    Just imagine the WT doctrines, 50 years from now.

    All the now GB would have been long gone.

    A new set of GB would have arrived, may be Jws who are in their 20’s now.

    King of the south would have changed by then.. Even the King of the north

    Blood ban would have been lifted.

    Same sex marriages would be performed in Kingdom halls.

    Women may be elders.

    Filed service would have been changed drastically. May be Field service from the comfort of Kingdom halls or homes through some optical Virtual Images.

    The only things that wont change would be: Armeggadon is imminent threat, donations and the discouragement to read old WT Publications.

  • ttdtt

    I would be shocked if the EVER put specifics in print like that again.

    The ridiculous predictions and statements get put out in talks which much easier to walk back than in print.

  • waton
    filed service would have been changed drastically. May be Field service from the comfort of Kingdom halls or homes EA

    how about telephone witnessing now?

  • sparrowdown

    Oldest trick in th book for WT, it works gets people all buzzed for time.

    The GB love dropping little tap-the-nose hints and clues about who's who in prophecy without actually coming out and stating clearly their wild speculations knowing full well it will be picked up on and go viral and then when it doesn't come true they blame the r&f for putting words in their mouth and running ahead.

    1975 anyone?

  • Freedom rocks
    Freedom rocks

    I always thought false religion was supposed to be attacked first. Guess Russia attacking jw's could prove that jw's have a false religion because they always say Jehovah will protect them while false religion comes to an end.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Don't know if you all got this. "Johnny the Bethelite" has the reaction of JW's to the news that Russia is the King of the North-

  • wannaexit
    The news of Russia and its allies being the king of the north is a pretty real thing. Dubs 'round my parts are beside themselves. More evidence that the end is very near. Everyone is happy, happy.

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