Non JW and JW friendships

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  • Zana


    How devout is he, what do you think? Does he go te meetings regularly? Does he do a lot of field service?

    My wife is a JW, not too devout though. She has a lot of non-JW friends. She is pretty open about her beliefs with them, but if the friend is not interested in talking about it, than fine. They are her friends because they like each other or share common interests or go to school/work together. Not because she wants to convert them. Is there depth to these friendships? I think so, some of them at least. But yes, I know the feeling that on certain topics her reasonings (which actually aren't hers, she just outsourced them to the GB) just blow my mind.

  • punkofnice
    The more soild questions I ask, the more he seems to jump around the answers and not answer directly. Don't get it.

    I do. He's in a cult.

    Just avoid religion and get on with life. Life's too short to waste it on bloody stupid religion.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @ricsa Wow, I'm really impressed that a regular person (outside of the JW cult) would take the time and energy to research their friend's religion. You sound like a really sincere, thoughtful person who's willing to examine things outside of his own interests. Most people hear the word "religion" and don't want to know about it. It's a really admirable quality you have and is a credit to the friendship you clearly value with this guy :). He's lucky to have a reasonable person like you in his life!

  • nugget

    The fact that he has only recently confessed to you he is a JW rather than the more acceptable and generic Christian shows a lot. The fact that he also is happy to listen to you talk about your sex life and he has a gay friend would indicate that he is not as devout as you think. A truly devout JW would have no worldly friends only work colleagues and any friendships with people outside the organisation are by nature shallow. They would not be happy to converse about sex and relationships either.

    I have found that people who live on the edge like this are the most likely to shun and throw others under the bus to save themselves. This is partly a distraction so the elders do not look too closely at them and their behavior allowing them to put on a front of respectability whilst they flirt with the world outside the organisation.

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