Anointed Ratios

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  • Labate

    Another recent topic got me thinking. Has there ever been any kind of study of the ratio of male to female anointed? If the female anointed will be co-rulers in heaven with Morris and company, why are they not represented as GB members and helpers before Armageddon arrives?

    Also, will they be required to grow beards as the pictures in the Watchtower seem to indicate when showing the heavenly government?

    Has any of this ever been addressed in the literature, or from the platform?

  • waton

    The heavenly rulers up there are supposed to represent a cross section of all human experience, so expect to have all kinds of "anointed', and we do!.

    jezebels, with ruling experience, need not apply, ruling ( or want to) already.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    It seems to me that for things to work out, the female anointed ones are going to have to wear "Halo" coverings once they get resurrected to heaven.

  • Chook

    What amazes me is that if the supposed anointed in heaven being half female and heaven influences the writings of WT, then how come sisters aren't even allowed to hold the elders book . ( it's been stated that sisters can't even bind elders book ). So basically the sisters in heaven tell the men on earth don't let the women touch the book. Not only that , it is under gods direction. I think the heavenly chariot is having a blowout.

  • smiddy

    Women are second rate citizens in the JW religion in spite of what the GB say..

    Women have no say or role in the hirearchy of the JW religion here on earth either in HQ the abode of the GB or in congregations around the world.

    Yet the Bible clearly states women will rule with christ in Heaven in his Kingdom for a thousand years .

    When the JW`s illustrate the heavenly class ruling with JC in heaven they all have beards not one woman among them ?

    Jw`s frown on men having beards here on earth in the congregation but it is apparently OK for Angels/resurrected annointed brothers and sisters who rule with Jesus Christ to have beards in heaven ?

    doesnt this reasoning of the JW/ WT boggle the nind ?

  • jwfacts

    Interesting that women are not fit to rule on earth, but are in heaven.

    The argument is men are the head on earth because of superior emotional intelligence (what a seriously archaic view).

    The difference between people on earth and heaven will be the removal of genitalia. Is that to indicate this is the main hindrance of women having positions of headship on earth?

  • tepidpoultry

    The prob!em of women on Earth according to the Apostle Paul is genetic gullibility (purportedly passed on from Eve) :)

  • jwfacts
    genetic gullibility (purportedly passed on from Eve)

    Does that mean that when women are no longer affected by sin, that they will be treated as equals in the New System? Or is it that since Eve is from Adam, that there will always be the headship arrangement?

  • waton

    one of the qualifications for rulership in the 1000 years is to have been martyred with the literal cutting edge technology of Re.20 : the axe. That would cut down the ratio of woman, which is a pity***. We have examples of ladies ruling, Thatcher and Merkel.

    The bible aside though; Nature appears to reward success and we all are the fruit of the great work of the female enterprise. Even the Universe can be thought of as being hatched inside the domain of a female creatrice.

    *** sorry, I did not mean more ladies should have met their fate in Tower of London, or like Marie Antoinette. More ladies should be ruling? Palmyra the Queen, prettiest King of the South you have ever seen?

  • tepidpoultry

    jwfacts: one must remember that (if you are a Bible believer) that gullibility is not the result of sin, Eve was gullible and listened to the serpent BEFORE eating the fruit, therefore it will always be necessary for women to be guided about by men for their own safety, (BTW Ladies, this was tongue in cheek, please don't give me red marks, Thank-you)


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