WT Study 1/10/16 Encouraging Child Baptism And More Nonsense

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  • JW_Rogue

    I've noticed that each WT lesson really only has one or two points they want remembered. Normally they build up to these by about the third subheading. This week's lesson though was different, the main point was insidiously made through an experience in the first paragraph:

    CHRISTIAN parents have few joys like that of watching their child get baptized. “It was a highly emotional experience for us. We were, of course, grateful that our children wanted to serve Jehovah,” says Berenice, whose four children were baptized before they turned 14. “But,” she adds, “we also knew that as teenagers our children would face many challenges.”

    Did you catch it? Yes, WT is subtly saying that to be a good example a parent should have their children baptized at a young age. 14 is not old enough to drive a car, get married or drink a beer but it's a great age to get baptized. I like how they purposefully state that it was the children who "wanted to serve Jehovah". It may be true but children want to do a lot things at that age. They have not developed fully and can't really understand what the decision will mean. And are we to believe that the guidance and instruction from their parents had nothing to do with it?

    The WT follows up that paragraph with this quote in paragraph 2:

    one expert on child development states: “Adolescence is not a period of being ‘crazy’ or ‘immature.’ It is an essential time of emotional intensity, social engagement, and creativity.”

    I found it quite odd that WT would use this quote when none of this things mentioned are encouraged by JWs. Reacting emotionally has always been looked down upon in the org. Social engagement isn't really encouraged either, the prevailing attitude is to push teens away from social activities and towards "spiritual goals". How creative can you be when all your beliefs are already chosen out for you?

    WT then replaces those three things with their own:

    While they are teenagers, your children can develop a more meaningful friendship with Jehovah, set and pursue goals in the ministry, and use more initiative as they make their dedication and live up to it.

    Emotional intensity = friendship with Jehovah

    Social engagement = field service

    Creativity = Dedication

    And parents in the hall just nod along as if the whole thing made perfect sense.

  • 2+2=5

    All four children were baptised BEFORE the age of fourteen.

    The fathers name is Andre.

  • Mandrake

    Children baptism ruined my life when I was 10 :(

    I quoted to my father when we fight about me dating a non-jw the fact that I supposedly choose something "for life"at 10 that were affecting me 10 years later in a matter that I didn't even suspect I could feel: loving a girl and wanting to date her... Would you allow to marry someone at 10? So why it's OK to make such a "decision" as baptism that will affect every other decision in life after???!!!

    my father then said... "You dating a non-jw girl it's like me cheating on your mom..." Just imagine what happened a year later between my father and a young pioneer lady that had been intimate friend of my whole family... Sad sad sad... STOP RUINING THE CHILDRENS LIFE AHEAD, everything could be so much easy if I didn't baptize :(

  • Mandrake
    Basically the WT is saying that the earlier you got your children baptized the thoughter will be for them to eventually break free... The sooner you starting to preach full time, less chances are that you get to college and the farther from this Worldly wicked system
  • EndofMysteries

    “But,” she adds, “we also knew that as teenagers our children would face many challenges."

    AKA get them baptized before they are teens so if they "play around" they will get dfed and shunned at age 14/15.

  • JW_Rogue
    Mandrake I was 12 when I was baptized I would not say that it ruined my life although in some ways I think I'm "not normal". LOL I never fell in love with a "worldly girl" by the time I really got to know any I was already in college and they could tell that I was different from other guys. So even though at that time I was already doubting whether I wanted to be a JW, I didn't quite fit in with the other kids either. After college I thought I just needed to be married and I would live happily ever after whether it was the truth or not. That didn't happen though my true thoughts and feeling are still there. Now that I'm in my thirties I just don't think I can waste time on things I don't believe in.
  • LostGeneration
    They should just title the article "Parents, Set a Trap to Enslave Your Child to a Cult"
  • bafh
    I was 16 and consider it coersion because the peer and family pressure was so intense. It was not a "choice" since not getting baptized was NOT an option.
  • jookbeard
    complete desperation isnt it? they have an obsession with boasting growth and need to keep showing there is some sort of growth, scrapping the barrel though.
  • Mandrake

    There's not much option as a child to defy what your parents think is the best for you... Even if that (getting baptized) it's a "life time" decision, baptized or not my patented would prevent me from participating in Christmas, birthdays, and interaction wit non-jw family and other activities (sports, being class president, Etc), it adds you a special burden (specially if you are an smart boy) thinking that you must behave as an true representative of the only true religion, and the angst of not waste time in any "useless" activity like a hobby... Blood guilt if you dare not to knock on doors and pretend that you did?... Because after being baptized were are supposed to even gave up our life for "the kingdom"...

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