Just heard from someone who was just in Cozumel that there are 9 Kingdom Halls in about a mile zone.

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  • Butyoucanneverleave
    It's because of their tremendous growth. Can anyone verify?
  • brandnew
    Sounds like the early stages of a strip mall......
  • talesin

    I've found three Halls in Cozumel - one of them has 5 congos (3 Spanish, 2 English) - perhaps there are 9 congregations ,,, not Halls. Sounds more reasonable to me. xx tal

    On a travel forum, one of the Cozumel people said "We have 44 publishers in our congregation", so if that is their number, it's not very large (at least, not the English-speaking ones).

  • Butyoucanneverleave
    Thanks talesin.
  • steve2

    JW.org lists 6 different addresses for kingdom halls.

    By my reading, 1 is Spanish and 5 are English. I tried to ascertain all of them are on Cozumel. It does not say whether any are shared between 2 or more congregations.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    Cozumel population 100000. Catholic 89%- Protestant 6% and others 5%.
  • talesin
    steve244 minutes agoJW.org lists 6 different addresses for kingdom halls.

    Good stuff - I never think to look there. Went there to read the "diseased apostates" article, and it made me nauseous (that's quite the thing, after so many years, hey, steve2?). So I've mentally blocked that as a search option. True true. : P I was reading travel forums, and such.


    From Cozumel My Cozumel Forums (and oops! 34 members, not 44) :

    (my grandfather was the PO of a rural KH that was in someone's home - less than 20 in the congo ... just a thought)

    You are welcome at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Transversal and 125. We have a small group of 34 and would love to see you .
    Sunday at 12 and Wednesday at 7pm :

    This link shows a pic of the Hall with five congos ... big sign. Beautiful building, too.

    Visiting Cozumel, Mexico, we were so excited to see the Kingdom Hall. They have 5 congregations (3 Spanish, 1 English, and 1 Maya). It is really encouraging to see the different varieties of Kingdom Halls that are built in different, yet unique, structures.

  • Gayle
    2015 Service Report shows in Mexico there ratio of 1 JW per 146 population. With 100,000 in Cozumel, at that ratio, could be 684 pubs. about. So, if there are 76 pubs. per cong. that would come to 9 congregations. Most population in San Miguel.
  • LostGeneration

    "Wonderous expansion is now taking place"...(we really need more emoticons on the board, I need music notes!)

    Or, more likely, tons of ex-pats from the US, Canada and the UK are retiring down there to preach about Jahs kingdom, errrrrrrrrrrrrr, retire on the beach and give token service to Jah!!

  • Alive!

    Ah - Mexico/ South America.

    Here's a joke from the early nineties - told by a very, very popular PO..with rock solid connections through COs, Brooklyn Bethel and worldwide ( family in there) .... At one of his usual drinking sessions, he told us this weak joke that was circulating ....

    'why are so many South Americans coming into the truth? So that we can all have our own gardeners and housemaids in the new system'

    This was a joke circulating at 'Shepherd' level.

    Yep, senior level Christianity JW style.

    25 years later their adult kids are going to servie where the need is greater .... You guessed it... With their privileged friends and cohorts - on the lovely beaches of Mexico.

    Now, there is something wrong here. This was trickling down from the higher 'circuit' level.

    There is a better way.....there has to be a better way.

    This man, who was immensely popular got away with more than I wish to write......

    so... Where is the boast that JWs are 'different' from Christendom?

    They have no shame.

    I haven't ever written even a fraction of what I know.....and I hope I won't be tempted further....I hesitate to write the above anecdote....it's not always helpful.

    The issue for me is doctrine and error.

    But, if you are a JW - please, please take care.

    That's all.

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