Jehovah's Witnesses did not protect children from abuse, inquiry finds.

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  • ScenicViewer

    This issue is different from JW rhetoric on hallmark JW doctrines and policies.

    This is not the issue JW organization wants to make a stand on.

    I agree with the above remarks. In the past JWs have fought for the right to preach publicly and neutrality issues such as not having to salute a flag or join the military. These are freedom of religion issues.

    Regarding child protection policies they will likely make changes eventually if the heat gets high enough, then claim that Jehovah gave them New Light through a deeper study of His Word. That is, if it's even made known to JWs. As DesirousOfChange mentioned, it might only need to be a letter to Elders that explains the changes leaving JWs in the dark about the whole issue.

    Child protection is a social issue, not a freedom of religion issue. Whatchtower has changed on social issues before, such as taking the "spare the rod" scripture as a metaphor rather than literally, acknowledging that homosexuality may be a natural trait rather than a personal choice, and not allowing men to grow beards even though Bible characters had them. In all of these cases JWs have put aside what the Bible literally says and embraced the prevailing social standard.

    The only reason Watchtower's child protection policies are so horrible now is because they are a cover up attempt to prevent the public in general, and JWs themselves, from knowing that a serious child abuse problem exists in the Organization. It would be humiliating and damaging to the reputation of JWs for that to be known.

    If the exposure of Watchtower's child protection policies becomes more damaging to them than the child abuse issues themselves Watchtower will change. It will take the purifying effect of shedding lots of daylight on the issue. The ARC is doing a beautiful job of it. What is needed is more exposure in other countries, which may be brewing.

  • BluesBrother

    Excellent ! .... It vindicates the stand that opposers (apostates) have been saying for years. As an ex dub , I found it hard to believe that a significant problem existed and I am sure that the majority of normal dubs (if there is such a thing) cannot believe it either.....Perhaps this will help.

    As I posted on a previous thread - if the Aussies can get on with an effective inquiry, how come the British one keeps getting bogged down?

  • darkspilver

    Im printing this off and spending my next Sunday morning doing some door to door work posting this article through all the letter boxes of the street my local KH is on.

    It's shortly after lunchtime on Tuesday in London, UK

    And what have the quinoa eating, middle-class leftists of Camden, Islington and Shoreditch been reading over lunch? <j/k>

    The Guardian Newspaper, Tuesday 29 November 2016 - and the front page features a picture-lead headline: "‘Have your cake and eat it’ – is this the Tory Brexit plan?" The second headline is: "Abuse coach in hospital as police widen investigation" (there's a relatively recent and ongoing story about sexual abuse in English youth football)

    The story about the Australian Royal Commission does NOT appear to feature ANYWHERE in today's 42-page print edition (74-pages if you include the Sports and G2 inserts).

    Must say, I am surprised - would have thought that the Guardian at least would have printed something in their newspaper, oh well - maybe they're holding back in order to run a longer and in-depth account of the ARC / JW proceedings like The Washington Post?? But who knows??

    BUT what is certain is what Hecce warned us about last week when a major article exposing the JW's was printed in Spain....

    The elders are receiving electronically instructions from the COs to go out and buy from the stands all the copies of this newspaper edition.

  • OrphanCrow
    dsp: Must say, I am surprised - would have thought that the Guardian at least would have printed something in their newspaper

    I am not surprised.

    The JWs make up a tiny, tiny portion of the world's population and they are an insular group that the rest of the world cares little about.

    Why are you surprised? Did you send any information to these newspapers that you think should be carrying this world shattering news? Have you done anything yourself to try to get journalists to carry this story?

    News outlets cover stories that will sell and the public has to show some interest for the story to run. It is up to people who are interested in a little known news item about a small cult to make sure that it stays in the news

  • darkspilver

    Hi OrphanCrow!

    I am not surprised.

    The JWs make up a tiny, tiny portion of the world's population and they are an insular group that the rest of the world cares little about.

    Well, firstly The Guardian took time to include it on their website - many newspapers worldwide, haven't even done that.

    Actually though The Guardian has one of the smallest print circulation of any UK daily newspaper with around 160,000 daily copies - in comparision to the 225,584 people who turned up for the JW Memorial in Britain last year. But I digress

    The Guardian has traditionally been the newspaper of choice for those who either work or have an interest in the 'public sector' including professional health care workers and social workers etc - that's the very audience that would probably be amongst the most interested in the ARC hearings.

    The Guardian also just seem to have 'form' when it comes to reporting on the JWs

    Which newspaper broke the JW / UN Membership scandal? And not just the one article in the print newspaper, but with two follow up articles in the printed newspaper too?

    And what about that huge three page article The Guardian printed back in July 2015? "Preaching to the unconverted"

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