Jws don't really have "communities" or "functions" like churches do?

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  • Spiral

    Truthlover, I haven't seen any real "get-togethers" in years in any of the congregations I've been around.

    We were in one congregation around 2000 that did parties including dancing and skits. A new CO came in and put an end to ALL of it. Boom! Worldly! Bad! Stop the fun NOW!

    Where I am now, someone will host a pot luck occasionally, but they are drab, solemn affairs. Not even any ball playing for the kids. (That might spark a "competitive spirit" - bad!)

    The only other time the congregation gets together is either after a funeral, a wedding, or an anniversary party. The anniversary parties are probably the next thing to get stopped.

    But again, these are so boring most JWs don't even want to go. The people who do go comment on how things aren't like they used to be.

    I saw an ex-JW the other day (kinda POMI still) who even commented on this, and how boring meetings were, especially for the children. It was like she knew she should go back, but couldn't face going to the boring meetings.

    I think this is a big part of the shrinkage being experienced in the US. In some places, where individual JWs have some money, there are groups that do things (including going on cruises together), but as mentioned, you'd have to be in their clique and have the money. For the more humble JWs, there's not much real socializing left.

  • Simon
    Other church groups hold Summer Fairs / Christmas Fairs , Barn Dances ( more fun than they sound ) etc that are open to " the public " aka non church goers . Most churches work at fostering a sense of community in their local area and try to be a focal point . Many hold luncheon clubs for elderly people . As far as l know the WT does nothing like that .

    Yeah, the mormons here often have pancake breakfasts that are open to all. I can't recall ever hearing or seeing anything like that with the JWs.

    The congregation events we had were typically really just certain individuals organizing things. I get the feeling that those are no longer allowed or sanctioned because a) there is too much risk of liability (what a sad world) and b) they want to control people's lives and if people have free time, they'd rather they "enjoyed" spending that time working for them ... for free.

  • truthlover123

    You all are correct in that it is not a open function. But it is a get together here and in other areas there are regular kids nights, rock climbing (inside), swimming ( inside) due to weather, the get togethers are usually in a rented hall with kitchen facilities and brought in audio for the music... pot luck and basically a "get together" and I do know that this is not the case in some areas due to certain Co's and their closed outlook.. mostly a power trip.. but it does happen here and its too bad this is not the norm in all areas, I believe folks do need an outlet to just be "normal" Other times it is on personal property -- bbq's, music and "gossip"... dare I say and this does happen several times per year and has for past many years.

    ANd don't forget the international visitors are treated with music and dancing within and outside halls in many places... special people??? I think so, cause it would never take place in a hall here. Double standards...

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