Jws don't really have "communities" or "functions" like churches do?

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  • nowawake14

    I've noticed how this religion is kind of narrow. All they ever do is preach, study the watchtower, or their meeting or convention. That's it. No other organized functions that I know of. Kind of boring. They have the one size fits all program.

    Whereas, the churches have all the communities programs designed for different ages. Honestly, I believe all religions in the world are corrupt, but its just mind boggling that jws think they're the "truth," but they don't do any better than some of these other groups.

    And to say, I did go to plenty of parties growing up in the borg, and I had a fun time. In one congregation I was in, we had a party like once every couple months.

    But, yeah, I remember sitting at the meeting as a kid, and they would have a watchtower about SEX. I didn't even know what sex was! It makes me cringe that all these little kids are being exposed to this.

    If yer gonna talk about sex, make an adults (and teens) only community, to discuss it in. Kids don't need to be hearing that stuff. And kids do need to know the concept about sex, but they're too young to sit through a watchtower and take it all in. I was too young to do so myself. Ridiculous.

  • skin

    Just like getting your talk slip for the ministry school, with that being the subject. When that happened I knew it was time to get enough courage up to say no to those talks, it would still take a few more years before I finally said no more ministry school for me. So glad that's over with.

  • john.prestor

    It's the most barebones religion I ever heard of, I'm with you 100%. A lot of it c9nes down to paranoia and cost: they don't want to give Witnesses the chance to connect with others in any normal, fun social events they could go to publicly (a jazz concert, a picnic at the park), a lot they rule out because it's holiday-themed, and they don't want to spend any money on the kind of busses or vans a lot of churches purchase to drive members around.

  • WillYouDFme
    But, yeah, I remember sitting at the meeting as a kid, and they would have a watchtower about SEX. I didn't even know what sex was! It makes me cringe that all these little kids are being exposed to this.

    So much totally inappropriate stuff like that, that I remember as a kid, and also conducted as an Elder.

    I remember making fun of churches who had separate classes for Kids while the parents were hearing a sermon.

    I was SOOO WRONG!

  • dogisgod

    They are an isolated group with it's members isolated from each other.

  • truthlover123

    Sorry to burst your bubble... yes they do get togethers several times a year, music, cards, pot lucks good time had by all and they even dance and put on skits not bible related

    Dog - where did u ever get that idea?

  • dbq407

    Depends where you are, but around here they rarely get together and when they do you have to be a part of that clique to get invited. My 9 y/o stepson was crying the other night because he was scared of people dying and death in general after that awesome watchtower with the police barging in on the jdubs. And apparently there was a real tear jerker of a video played tuesday night during meeting about a woman dying of cancer. Kids don't need to be exposed to all this stuff at such a young age that they don't grasp the meaning yet. But thats how the gb keeps people in check. They are a crooked and terrible religion in general and do nothing for the community. Oh a natural disaster? Lets go read bible verses instead of donating food, water, or any other necessity.

  • NVR2L8

    Truthlover 123, we had such gatherings in our area but it's always organized by individuals and not the congregation. In fact the WT discourages large gatherings and lately I read something on this site to the effect to no longer link the congregation with events like "picnik" or "party". I guess the WT wants to stay clear of any liabilities and shift the accountability to individuals in case of an accident or other risks. The same would apply to daycare or community kitchen.

  • Vidiot
    nowawake14 - "JWs don't really have 'communities' or 'functions' like churches do?"

    Nope (not even "book-study groups" anymore).

    Here's a good rule of thumb... if "Christendom" does it, you can pretty much guarantee the WT's view is "fuck, no".

  • jhine

    Other church groups hold Summer Fairs / Christmas Fairs , Barn Dances ( more fun than they sound ) etc that are open to " the public " aka non church goers . Most churches work at fostering a sense of community in their local area and try to be a focal point . Many hold luncheon clubs for elderly people . As far as l know the WT does nothing like that .


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