Just Bumped Into My JW Sister And Brother In Town

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  • pale.emperor

    So im walking through town today on my lunchbreak and spot the unmistakable walk of my younger brother. This is the one who left Watchtower... well it turns out he's returned to the vomit after stupidly turning up to the 2017 convention and a few elders filling his head with seeing our dead dad in paradise and to "wait on Jehovah".

    A few meters behind him was my sister. She spotted me first, then hurried up her step to my brother. Then he turned round and looked at me. One thing that stuck me was their expression. They look absolutely terrified to see me. They then sped up, my sister took out her phone and rang someone frantically and kept looking back at me as she was walking quickly away.

    Did i do something wrong?

    Yes i did. I waved and smiled. That must have done it. I wasn't gonna approach or anything, i was far to busy for that. But, wow, what a cult can do to people. Terrified to see someone they've known their whole lives who just so happens to disagree about there being a sky fairy who has the temperament of a toddler and loves blood.

  • ToesUp

    "wow, what a cult can do to people."

    Absolutely! Sad!

  • WingCommander

    It must have been the wave. They aren't used to that. You gotta mix it up! Next time, no waving. I repeat, no waving! Instead, go for the Devil Horns. If you aren't familiar, see a tutorial about Ronnie James Dio. He will properly show you how to do the "curse" or devil horns. Then you can throw that sign at them next time. Maybe they will feel better? But it's worth a try!

  • SummerAngel

    Well worldlyness may be catching.

  • jwabuse.com

    I experienced a similar reaction last week. Was in line at the hardware store when I noticed the guy in front of me was an area elder who I had known through mutual friends. He was chatting and laughing with the checker until he noticed it was me and his entire body stiffened up and he froze. He was waiting on someone from the back who was doing a price check, so it was 5 solid minutes of him with his back to me stiff as a board and you could feel the "terror" of his being so close to the devil himself. Really sad in retrospect, grown man terrified because I have a differing opinion on religion.

  • Driving Force
    Driving Force

    I make a point of approaching them when I see them, only the ones I know, some of them are really horrified, its good to see some of them squirm.

    I am not d'fed, just faded.

  • QuestioningEverything

    I am sorry that happened. It is horrible what this terrible cult can do to families.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Jehovahs Witlesses don't break up families....

  • DesirousOfChange

    Let's review: "It's a Cult!"

  • steve2

    "It's your fault for leaving when you knew what the consequences would be. Now you just want to make our lives miserable by being friendly. We will make you disappear by totally ignoring you."

    Yes, the body stiffening in automatic judgement is hard to miss when you see your JW family.

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