Shunning the Shunning

by Tallon 13 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Tallon

    Found this very interesting article on another site. Looks like there are people, and at an assembly too, who are not afraid to show their displeasure toward the inhumane policies of the Org.

  • Landy
    Did I misread it or did that say a disfellowshipping was announced at an assembly?
  • sir82


    What would happen if everybody, all JWs, just decided to not follow GB directives on this issue?

    I will never happen, of course, people are too enmeshed...but it is fun to think about.

  • dubstepped

    @Landy, you misread it. The disfellowshipping announcement was in the video where the young lady was disfellowshipped.

  • Landy

    Sorry - my bad.

  • slimboyfat

    Good for the mother. The inhumanity of the people who prepared these videos is mind-boggling. And the willingness of ordinary JWs to go along with it is chilling.

    Is there going to be any action against parents who don't throw out DFed children? Or is it a "conscience issue" just with a lot of pressure to make the "right choice".

  • Linda

    The kind of defiance of the people at the convention tells me this is what I need to do, not what they want me to do. Good for them! The blind faith is what I went through and my gut feeling was shouting to me all along. I obviously ignored it but now my eyes are open and I can see the "truth" .

    I think if we could actually read many people's minds in that cult, we would see a lot of people do have their own mindsets and not all of us are robots. If it can happen to me, to get out of the cult, it can happen to others.

    I love this site and appreciate the posts by everyone here. Many thanks for all of it.

    Have a super day and take good care,


  • Mozzie

    Brilliant for both of them, love is better than any cult, they should both feel proud

  • Gayle

    How can a culture that depends on 'family' in every way accept such an evil doctrine! A mother depends on her family in her later years more in these cultures. It goes against all natural affection of a mother to shun her own.

    I expect or hope this 'shunning' doctrine to be a 'near' downfall of the WT. The ice-cold hearted GB certainly don't care about mankind, family survival, and those who are in much lower economics.

    I hope that many JW Ghanians will find this the last straw on considering any 'loyalty' to the GB.

  • ToesUp

    I find it funny that the scriptures that describe the Pharisees applies to the leadership of the JW cult.

    Lately, I have been thinking of the scripture that says there would be no natural affection. That also applies to the leadership of the JW cult. The shunning video truly shows the lack of natural affection the Bible describes.

    Let's hope that more and more members are starting to see what we all have (TTATT). The cracks are starting to show and WT knows it.

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