Is there any recent information about Watchtower owning 50% of Rand Cam Engine Corp & REGI Technologies?

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  • AndersonsInfo

    Thank you JeffT for "rooting around the web." Hopefully, your research puts to rest this subject once and for all. BTW, if you have an opportunity to do so, would you examine the information on the link JFK posted and see if there's anything there of importance or is the same ole story that's been around for years?

  • sp74bb

    @AndrersonsInfo Hi ! New information is given in the Spanish link.

    Any of you have the time to translate this? I don't :(

  • JeffT

    Google translate is turning out some really funny stuff for me, which unfortunately makes it really hard to tell what they're talking about. They seem to be saying that the WTBS is invested in some business they claim to oppose, notably tobacco and the military. Their proof for this is an old IRS From 990 for the Henrietta Riley Trust For the Benefit of the WTBS.

    Somewhere I put out an analysis of the Trust, but I can't find it just now. The WTBS is may be getting money from the trust that is generated by investments in these industries. Under IRS regs and US banking laws, the beneficiary of a trust can't tell the trust how to do its business. That was decided by whoever set up the trust. We don't know what Ms. Reilly put in the Trust document, it probably contains language ordering the Trustee to safeguard the assets, reinvest some income and distribute the rest.

    Presumably the distributions go to the WTBS, but without the Trust documents we can't know that. The money may go to Ms Reilly until she dies or something. It strikes me as odd that she set up a trust rather than simply donating the money.

    Bottom line, I think this is another "scandal" that may not be a scandal, and may not indicate anything unsavory on the part of the WTBS.

  • sp74bb

    Any human Spanish translator might try to work on this?

    From my side, quite impossible these days... I have already too much work on the last movements in Spain...

  • BluesBrother

    When the Rand Cam thing broke on the net I was horrified at the idea they had holdings in an armament manufacturer. I wrote,in 2002, and asked the WTS directly. They replied saying that :

    • None of their Corporations owned stock in Rand Cam
    • 2 bros. who developed the engine made a private arrangement to Gift some of the profit to the WTS
    • The WTS was erroneously listed as the stockholder
    • The error had been corrected and the charge is completely false.

    Since they denied it and my only interest was to show believing family the issue, I had no grounds to continue . I believe others tried to get a comment from Rand Cam, without success.

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    The filing on the SEC site shows two things. First that they didn't actually own any stock. And second that even if they did receive actual stock that they didn't have any vote when it came to the decisions made by the company. The person who was the founder retained the right to vote as he saw fit.

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