And now for something you might be able to hear without repulsion

by TerryWalstrom 23 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • ttdtt

    So much more mumble jumble Bull Shit.
    It took him 40 years to come up with this crap?
    When you listen to him he says absolutely NOTHING!

    Murder and Slavery and Misogyny are part of ALL religions.
    So F-off about it being Religion telling you about HOW YOU SHOULD ACT.

    BS BS BS.

    Religion requires FAITH. Faith is believing in something with NO evidence.
    That's why people can spend 40 years coming up with baseless meandering confusing contraditing BS.

    HAAAA Meta true - wow.


  • sparrowdown

    Terry, interesting take on Cathy Newman's interview strategy you have there I see what you're saying and agree except for the "brilliant" bit, I thought it made her look ignorant and mean-spirited.

    I thought it was appallingly biased and a patently obvious baiting game on her part. Prof Peterson did well to stick to reasonable discussion despite her insistence to get him to play the part of the mysogynistic jerk she so desperately wanted him to play with her repeated "so you're saying" comebacks.

    Ugh, it was painful to watch.

  • TerryWalstrom

    "Brilliant" as to strategy.

    Newman's technique is a weaponized mischaracterization.

    "The sun is shining and it is a beautiful day" becomes
    "So you're saying those of us who enjoy night time are deluded fools?"

    1. The interviewee is seen to be gobsmacked AS IF guilty and fumbling to cover their ass.
    2. The interviewee is put on the defensive (a bad place to be.)
    3. The interviewee can't move on until the fires lit in his communication are put out.

    4. A constant barrage of separate questions lights new wildfires leaving the interviewee scrambling.

    In other words, it is a shooting gallery and not an interview.
    SJW's watching this assassination are on Newman's side already; waiting to view any pushback as aggression.

    CULTURAL MARXISM is upon us and has been for decades
    The people who are fighting it are being marked by people like Cathy Newman. That's her ideology at work. Divide and conquer.

  • sparrowdown

    Very interesting info Terry thanks. I see the Cathy Newman interview style as a symptom rather than the disease. She's "slogan chanter" shallow understanding of the issues and just regurgitates popular "slogans" as a form of denouncement to humiliate. And anyone with a more balanced considered viewpoint is the enemy. Objectivity is non existent in the world of the slogan chanter.

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