Fossilized foot prints, how do they explain it away?

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  • punkofnice

    I know a Jobo that would say, 'Satan did it to deceive everyone."

  • galaxie

    One of my opening questions to jws when approaching them at the trolley /cart is ' how long is a creative day? ' the look on their faces is priceless especially if it's a younger jw accompanying an older one as they shuffle nervously for an answer. It's a good opener to lead to other points such as the op question.

    P's..after my last trolley discussion the brother invited me back for further discussion giving me the time he would be back. My discussion that day centered on the non inspired error of judgement of the fds/ gb theme hopefully I hit a nerve .

  • Fencing

    They dropped the 7000 year creative day long before 2013. After the failure of 1975, they cut back on referring to it. By the time Franz died, they had quietly started referring to each period as "eons" or "ages" instead. I'd venture a guess that 8/10 witnesses today wouldn't even be aware of or remember the 7000 year "day".

  • Master_Bob

    Crazyguy 10 hours ago

    Blonde they dropped the 7000 year creative days back in 2013.

    Fencing 43 minutes ago

    They dropped the 7000 year creative day long before 2013.

    How comes that? What happened at 2013 or before it?

    Blonde is right, they NEVER dropped the 7k day doctrine. The last time they explicitly referred 7000 years period was in a '90 Awake. After that they've been cautious enough to mention "thousands" or "millennials" of years when talking about creation days - never EVER millions! Which means that the old teaching is alive and kicking.

  • schnell

    Being only 31, I was surprised to learn about the 7000 years. My peers and I have gone all this time thinking the creation days are of limitless and unstated length. Now 1975 makes stupid sense (4026 BCE + 6000 = 1975 and there's 1000 years for the millennial reign) and it's a great big ecclesiastical facepalm.

    God they're dumb.

  • Crazyguy

    They wrote in a 2013 watch tower that they weren't sure how old the earth was something to that effect and that they'll just let the scientist argue over it .

  • konceptual99

    It's true they are not dogmatic about the 7000 years anymore. It's true they refer to the periods in indeterminate terms. It's true they don't think the creative days were 7000 years long.

    What you will not find in WT literature however is any rejection of short timescales for the age of the earth. You will not find any outright acceptance of the scientific concensus.

    I would agree that few younger witnesses would think in terms of or perhaps even know about a creative day of 7000 years but if that's what an individual witness wishes to believe, as some old timers still do, then there is nothing in current WT literature to say they need to change their view.

    It's typical WT obfuscation about the acceptance of scientific fact and concensus - keep it ambiguous, keep it from promoting confidence in science but avoid outright conflict with science so the sound bites for the public can be kept sweet....

  • Master_Bob

    Please don't confuse the age of the earth with the duration of the creation days. According to WT teaching the Earth was ALREADY there when the 1st creation day started. The fact is that the 7000 years duration is still a valid WT teaching. They DO believe it, although they avoid carefully mentioning the exact number, always referring to "thousands" of years.

    Maybe because it would alienate people from the org knowing that they teach that there was no living organism on earth before 42000 years,

  • George One Time
    George One Time

    Ok, so the creative day span is no issue anymore. But they still cling to a literal interpertation of the creation of Adam and so there will always be the problem that humans are found that are older than those in the biblical account. Even as a teenager I thought this was a problem, only reasoning it away by doubting the ability of scientists to set the correct dates.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    how do they explain it away? - "Satan put it there to test your faith"

    No, seriously ...

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