The Big House Forced Exodus

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  • Xanthippe
    Having Saturdays off at Bethel so they can do FS. Having an extra day off when they turn 70! Being allowed to have morning worship in their room when they are sick. These are nice changes he says. You're in a cult mate, they're working you to death. When they've finished with you you'll be homeless.
  • NewYork44M

    There must be a lot of intensive fear rumbling through Bethel. I wonder is the Bethelites already know their fate; Can you imaging listening to this talk and not knowing if you are on the short list to go! Talk about stress.

    What do they mean when they say "older?" Are they talking about kicking out those in their 50s and 60s? How about those in their 70s and beyond? Either way it is very sad.

  • steve2

    Did anyone else notice the "passing" mention that some Bethelites had "moved" their elderly parents to be near them and who now faced questions of moving them again or whether they can be moved again? No reassurance or solution was offered in the talk.

    For some Bethelites this will be a huge problem and be a significant financial burden.

    Who will pay if the elderly parents can be relocated near Walkill? Not the organization. So much for looking after one's elderly parents who undoubtedly have spent a lifetime Iin the organization.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Simply a corporate downsizing departure talk! The "dangling carrot" of the new system being "right around the corner" decimated so many of our friends who are now in their late 60's and early 70's and still working their arse off every day.

    Ya gotta know that those who "lived" a bethel life are even more decimated! Kicked out of "paradise" just like adam and eve. So sad!

    just saying!


  • pepperheart
    And this is even with them printing 50 million magazines less each month wrldwide, might it be that they are getting a bit short of money.In mays edition of jw broadcasting tommo was telling us that the 300 page book questions children ask will now be replaced by a 32 page magazine.
  • sparky1

    I calmed my emotions down and watched this all the way through for the second time. I would like to know HOW IN THE FLYING FU#K DOES THIS CREEP SLEEP AT NIGHT?

  • sparky1

    Homeless elderly ex-Bethelite out in the 'cart work'.

  • Michael Z Archangel
    Michael Z Archangel
    I came to make an inspection. Whew Boy! I asked ONE thing of you. ONE. ...That you be loving towards one another. Not judging one another. Specifically, I said : The hour, the day, you will not know it! But do not become distracted by the anxieties of your daily lives. And to not be murmuring against one another. Why do you abuse the name of the Father in this way. Better for you if you had never learned the Truth .Than to know the Truth and speak abusively by the Holy Spirit that was once present in you. In just a few days I am ascending to the Father. And what should I report to Him about you. Since He already knows what I am about to speak. Perhaps He is only being patient with you. Since It is not yet the appointed time. Perhaps, if you apply eye salve to rub into your eyes. Maybe the True God will reveal Himself to you. Or if not, I am coming as a thief. And I will take a long sword which proceeds from my mouth and it will surely tear deep into your soul which the Father has given to you. The Light of day is passing quickly. Otherwise your house is abandoned to you. Michael Z Archangel
  • talesin
    ^^^ LOL! Good one, I'll see ya later, Michael ... ^^^


    meanwhile, back to topic ....


    Have there been massive layoffs at TO Bethel? My cousin and wife have been there for decades, and I have no way of getting family news. Just wondering. That would put their (not too financially stable) family in a difficult situation. Oh, well. ; )

  • Vidiot


    Probably a little easier now that there's more room.

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