"No junk mail". How witnesses ignore these signs!

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  • stuckinarut2

    As we know, many people have "no junk mail" signs on their home letterboxes. This clearly means that they do not want unsolicited mail or advertising material.

    So how are witnesses getting around this?

    During the campaign to distribute the convention invitations, when they come across a house with "no junk mail", they are just putting the leaflet inside an envelope and hand writing "to the householder" on the front and putting it in the letterbox!

    Seriously? Isn't that simply ignoring the householder's wishes??


    Seriously? Isn't that simply ignoring the householder's wishes??

    Do you honestly think.

    JW`s consider their WBT$ Crap Literature, junk mail?...

  • LongHairGal


    If JWs ignore No Trespassing and No Soliciting signs, I don't think they will pay any attention to No Junk Mail signs either.

  • stuckinarut2

    Good points guys!

    Yes, it is "not junk!" they would say...

    Hey side point:

    Is a "no junk male" a guy without genitals?

  • Chook

    Isn't funny when I used to believe that the householders with those no Jw signs were going to Gehenna.

  • pale.emperor

    Actually, in the past few years the direction on this issue from Watchtower has flip-flopped.

    I remember being told from the platform that if we see a "no soliciting" sign we should respect their wishes and not call on that door.

    Simple yes? The brother delivered the announcement with complete conviction. That this is what we should do and it's come directly from Bethel.

    Then about 6 months later... we're told to ignore those signs because we're not soliciting. We have sayings of eternal life and would we ignore a "do not disturb" sign if their house was on fire? The same brother gave this announcement with complete conviction.

    Then and year later... back to the original idea of not calling on doors with signs on.

    The result? Depending on who you work with in the ministry you'll see some ignore the sign and some respecting the sign. Those who were not at the meeting on the day of one of the announcements are convinced that the announcement they heard was the correct one.

    So it's made no difference. We're back to where we started. The overzealous nuts will call on the door with signs and the ones that dont like the ministry wont.

  • dogon

    How about Jehovahs Witness cult keep the fuck off my property.

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    At least in the US JWs are not considered legally as Solicitors, and even if they were no Solicitors signs aren't enforceable by the law. No Trespassing is a different story, Trespassing is a legally defined action. Just like No Junk Mail is a subjective thing, what is considered junk by one person may not be considered junk by someone else, and technically it is not mail as Mail is defined by something that goes through the postal service.

  • Londo111

    When I was in, I was told NEVER to leave magazines or tracts in mailboxes.

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    It is actually a crime to put something in the mailbox if it was not put through the Postal System, at least in the US. But US law is weird, an official mailbox is not just anything that mail is put into, a mailbox must be approved by the Post Master General for it to be considered a mailbox.

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