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  • notalone

    I had a particular song that I had sung to my daughter as a lullaby. It was a song that made her feel safe. She did not want us to throw it away, that song that was so much a part of her life. So we changed the lyrics and now we have the memories and freedom.

  • zeb

    replace these with some classical music or watch some of those wonderful performances that happen in airports or malls.

  • Emma

    I've been out of the org for decades and once in a great, great while it happens to me. I just immediately replace it with something else.

  • scratchme1010

    Despite not wanting to be a JW anymore and not being at meetings for a few months, still have K. Songs coming into my head- both from old and new song books - usually whilst working. Anyone else? How does it make you feel?

    All the time and I've been out for almost three decades. I don't like it, but as I have posted before, to me is not about eliminating that organization from my life, but to minimize its negative influence. When something like that comes to mind, I just change my thoughts and move on to more important things to sing and do.

  • blondie

    I used to be the piano/organ player at the KH, circuit assemblies/special days until live music was forbidden.

    I still played live at weddings because it was hard to walk in time to the CDs.

    Haven't touched a WTS "music" book for 15 years. The songs I did like have been rewritten, lyrics and music.

    Best advice was to fill your head with some music you like, rewrite your memory tracks.

    I just got an oldie station with the Love is entertaining.

  • smiddy

    I see your relatively new here , Welcome by the way ,time will heal you of this satanic attack ,LOL ,as suggested fill your mind with alternative music ,like K.D.Langs hallelujah ,you wont be able to get that out of your head

    And if you want to puke have a look at the WT `s attempt to flash mob with their Kingdom songs in public places ,pathetic .

  • Onager

    The tunes were pretty much out of my head, or so I thought, until I started singing nonsense, made up lullaby's to my baby. You know, you start with twinkle twinkle little star and then riff off randomly until suddenly you realise you're singing about dinosaurs and boobies living in peace, their helmets bright against the sky, bid iguanas and pterodactyls fly.

    It bothered me a bit at first, but as he's never going to see the inside of a Kingdom Hall I don't think it's a big issue.

  • Gargamel

    I wonder what happens if you play those songs backwards.

  • WTWizard

    I remember when I had this issue with sun-worship music while I was a jokehovian. Even Christmas music that had been dead for 10 years or more would sometimes come up. Thus, I am not that worried if one of the old Kingdumb maladies comes up occasionally. At least it is not something I deal with as if it was a song on the radio.

    What I would be more worried about would be the new Kingdumb maladies coming up. That would be the result of an angel imprinting it in my head, and if that happens once, it could happen with every single one of them, whether or not I blow off every single boasting session. I do not advise singing any of them, because they could send bad vibrations into your soul, and help enslave the whole world via psychic connections within the song. And believe me, they put those in those songs on purpose.

    I would get some real music. If all you currently have is the rubbish on the radio these days, I would go on your favorite online music store and download (legally, because illegal music downloads can and do carry viruses and worms) some good music. Recommended music: Led Zeppelin IV. Michael Jackson Thriller. The Eagles Greatest Hits Vol 1. Fleetwood Mac Rumours. Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. Stevie Wonder Talking Book. Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon. The above albums should cost around 75 toilet papers to legally download, or less if you use an off-price service (Amazon or iTunes should run you around 75 toilet papers). Which is reasonable, as it is some of the best music written in recent history. Which is more than can be said about any Kingdumb maladies.

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