Go bags?

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  • LongHairGal


    I think the idea of a Go-bag is good if a hurricane is coming, etc. It has to be something that is on the forefront of your mind or you will forget you have this Go-bag! Naturally, there has to be an escape route and a destination.

    As far as the Witnesses and their Go-bags: I had asked a JW a few years back just WHERE they are going to?? They shrugged their shoulders.

    I assume it's all about just disaster preparedness, but I somehow got the hint some JWs are acting like they are going to the promised land.

  • 2+2=5

    When the GB get word the big A is imminent, they will tell the congregations it's "go bag time".

    When the JWs have their bags, Jesus and the angels begin slaughtering the billions, carefully avoiding those marked with a faithful go bag. A select few angels will have prepared fruitplatters for the after party.

  • freemindfade

    My go bag is mostly guns and bullets (not watchtower approved)

  • Spiral

    I hadn't heard about the go-bag thing until I started helping my mom.

    Regardless of how it started, everyone in this corner of the world thinks it's to be prepared for when the Big A hits, because everyone will be in meeting clothes in a bunker somewhere, living off their go-bags. Yikes!

    As was mentioned, I think this might have started as one thing, but has become useful as a distraction and a focus of fear. As we all know (I heard this statement the other day), Trump being elected will bring on Armageddon. Get ready!

  • blondie

    freemindfade, I've heard of people eating bullets, but I think should add food and water too.

  • Finkelstein

    The Watchtower Corporation has been in the business of fear mongering for over 140 years now.

    ........ it unfortunately works .

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    freemindfade, I've heard of people eating bullets, but I think should add food and water too.

    Blondie, he intends to kill us and steal our rusty, dented cans of tuna fish.

  • dubstepped

    What I liked was the way that the Borganization acted like they created the idea of go-bags in the first place. I remember people in congregations freaking out about them. My wife and I have one each. It took a few years but I put some together. It's not a bad idea and is endorsed by various governmental agencies. Where I live tornadoes are a possibility, and if disaster struck it would be nice to have some kind of supplies, in a backpack or otherwise. I don't like relying on anyone anyway, and like to camp and such, so it wasn't a waste. But I don't think it was ever an Armageddon preparedness situation other than what people ran with it, which shows the mentality of those that did so. I remember looking it up and seeing that it was a good idea in certain situations and a town was devastated north of us in a tornado, so I figured why not. I actually had fun putting it all together.

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