Go bags?

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  • punkofnice

    DK - Perhaps the Russian bear will give them grief.

    DOYKL - I expect it keeps their focus away from the ARC disaster.

    Paley - I agree. If old psycho Jah in the sky is looking after them, where is their faith?

  • Bobcat

    As dropoffyourkey said,the WT was only selling it a disaster prep kind of thing. This is something recommended by the authorities, especially in areas that face regular situations like hurricanes. I would guess that associating it with the GT is something being done locally.

  • sir82

    The "go bag" thing is a direct result of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina (2005) in the USA.

    Thousands of JWs were relocated to sites hundreds of miles away from home, and local elders lost track of many of them.

    This led to a GB mandate that each congregation have a "disaster preparedness plan", and part of that plan is that every publisher should have a "go bag" ready in case of sudden evacuation due to natural or man-made disaster.

    As with most GB dictates, there are varying degrees of compliance, both at the congregation level and personal level.

  • Lostandfound

    Surely the Faithful Slave will support us with details of what kind of biscuits, chocolate or plain, what sort of tissues do we need, coloured ones or plain, and on medications, if we take them, is that not a sign of lack of faith? Surely the Great Healer will take care of us, and on the point of grab bag tablets , how will we charge their batteries? And most important of all , will we be advised on how to continue contributing whilst living wild out of a bag, should we cash everything in now and send the lot to our big Brother? Mind you, isnt that what we did years ago, so nothing left to give now? My wife is a perfectionist, should we grab a plastic bay, a nylon bag or a linen bag, how can our bag choice show trust in Jehovah. Do we need a bag each, or one family bag, like the sweets on sale in cinema foyers in 'family bags'. Should we pack torches, batteries , or will we need candles? And matches but NO cigarettes. Name badges maybe so we can be identified by the great crowd of bag grabbers as fellow grabbers. What about our pet dog, does he need a grab bag clipped to his collar? And his food, because he does not like biscuits, should we take some crisps, and on food, what about fruit and veg seeds so we can become self sufficient in time. Did the Israelites grab bags before leaving Egypt?

    Memo to self, need Estate Wagon to take this lot so sell car.

  • TheWonderofYou

    Reminds me of the CARE packages that really help people. But why not a Go-Bag for helping other JW in relief projects of JW,?


  • jwleaks
  • blondie

    After Hurricane Katrina, the WTS lost contact with many jws and instituted a set of procedures and a list for preparedness. Never does the WTS in writing connect with a "go-bag" to escape the GT or Armageddon but rather to depend on god to protect them.

    km 5/15 p.4

    ▪ As a reminder, each year the elders should review with the congregation pertinent points from the January 6, 2012, letter regarding disaster preparedness and response.

    km 5/14 p.4

    ▪ As a reminder, each year the elders should review with the congregation pertinent points from the January 6, 2012, letter regarding disaster preparedness and response.

    *** km 5/08 p. 3 Announcements ***Bodies of elders should review the July 6, 2006, letter regarding disaster preparedness and ensure that they have up-to-date contact information for each publisher. In disaster-prone areas, additional emergency contact information should be obtained. Of course, in addition to emergency situations, it is helpful when publishers communicate with their Congregation Book Study overseer or another elder if they will be away for extended periods, such as when traveling on vacation or business, during a hospital stay, and so forth.

    *** km 1/07 p. 4 Are You Prepared for a Natural Disaster? ***

    1 Each year, millions of people around the world, including many of our brothers and sisters, are affected by earthquakes, tsunamis, monsoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. Since natural disasters occur unexpectedly and could affect any of us, it is the course of wisdom to be prepared.—Prov. 21:5.

    2 In Advance: Sometimes the authorities are able to warn of impending disasters. It is important to pay attention to those warnings. (Prov. 22:3) In such situations the elders will try to contact all in the congregation to help them to make necessary preparations. After a disaster, the elders will also endeavor to contact all who are associated with the congregation to see if they are safe and to discern what assistance may be needed. Valuable time can be lost if the elders do not have up-to-date contact information. So it is good for publishers to keep the secretary and their book study overseer informed of their current address and telephone number(s).

    3 If the congregation is located in a disaster-prone area, the elders may ask publishers to provide the name and telephone number of a relative or friend who does not live in the vicinity and who should be contacted in case of an emergency. This will enable the elders to locate those who have evacuated. The elders may also wish to develop a contingency plan for the congregation that includes such things as a simple checklist of emergency supplies to keep on hand, evacuation arrangements, and plans for assisting those with special needs. Cooperation with these loving arrangements is important.—Heb. 13:17.

    4 After a Disaster: What should you do if a disaster strikes in your area? Make sure that your family’s immediate physical needs are cared for. As you are able, give necessary assistance to others who have been affected. Endeavor to contact your book study overseer or another elder as soon as possible. This should be done even if you are safe and do not need help. If you need assistance, be assured that your brothers are making every effort to help you. (1 Cor. 13:4, 7) Remember that Jehovah is aware of your situation; rely on him to sustain you. (Ps. 37:39; 62:8) Be alert to opportunities to provide spiritual and emotional support to others. (2 Cor. 1:3, 4) Resume your theocratic routine as soon as possible.—Matt. 6:33.

    5 While the threat of disaster causes the world much anxiety, we can look to the future with confidence. Soon all disasters will be a thing of the past. (Rev. 21:4) In the meantime, we can take reasonable steps to prepare for times of trouble and difficulties as we maintain our zeal in declaring the good news to others.

  • punkofnice

    thanks folks. Those quotes are super Blondie.

    It looks very much like the WBT$ is talking about natural disasters but some jobos think it's about the great tribulation(tm).

    How happifying.

  • WTWizard

    If you reasonably think something could go wrong, it makes sense to prepare for it. Buying silver and gold works wonders if your currency goes kaput, since it becomes a means of exchanging goods and services for other goods and services after the dollar has become toilet paper. You live where weather disasters are common, you prepare for those disasters. You experience electricity blackouts from time to time, get your flashlights and lanterns in good shape and get plenty of good rechargeable NiMH batteries and good chargers. If you reasonably think you could be forced to evacuate on short notice, it makes sense to prepare for it.

    However, the washtowel makes doing this impractical. Has anyone tried getting extra supplies, only to have Brother Hounder get on their backs that they should instead be throwing their money away into the Worldwide Damnation Fund? Real good flashlights and battery systems are expensive (a one-time expense, but pretty expensive). And they are real harsh on those who find the time and money to buy even a modest amount of silver (say, a couple of silver Eagles or a roll of silver dimes). And there is always one scumbag that claims to be stumbled because someone else is prepared for a common emergency.

    Also, it doesn't make sense to prepare for situations that have virtually no chance of happening. Preparing for joke-hova to usher you into paradise is as pointless as it gets, since joke-hova wants to enslave you instead. You cannot predict whether joke-hova will use hail, fire, wind, bitter cold, intense heat, or earthquakes (even if it was going to do it at all), and what would do you good in one scenario would be worthless in another. And some scenarios are as farfetched as the earth physically turning upside down abruptly--which could never happen unless we got hit with a big asteroid or dwarf planet. Anyone else remember the catastrophe moving into the southern hemisphere of the galaxy at the end of 2012 was supposed to bring?


    The Big A is underway and you have a go bag to go ......where?

    Oh you are waiting for an SMS or Tweet to inform you! .........but all the telecom facilities are down / kaput ! And the roads are blocked and there are no trains and buses and soldiers everywhere .....no .....this is the Big A .....they are all morte right ? Go bags are for the Great T ....no? Yes? Is the Great T the Great A ? Um ......Just what will the situation be like ? Like the artwork in the WT magazines? ....????? You will be in a bunker?

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