Does this fact in it`s own right , prove the Garden Of Eden story false to be no more than a fable ?

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  • smiddy

    Thinking about life in general reflecting on the abundance of life on this planet , it became obvious to me that every living thing , those flying in the heavens ,living on the earth , or existing in the oceans , is all possible for one reason , and one reason only.

    Every living thing exists at the expense of the death of some other living thing , life and death go hand in hand.

    The same is true even in the microscopic world .

    Every living thing feeds off some other unfortunate living thing.That`s nature at its most basic observation , but true.

    What the Noachian flood story overlooks is the vast amount of living marine life that existed and flourished and not influenced or affected by what supposedly went on , on land.

    99.9 % of all living creatures if not 100% live by the death of some other living creature and the same would have to be true in the Garden of Eden if it was to have existed in the first place .

    No thing can live if it does not devour some other living thing . A fact of life .

    Apologists are welcome to support GOD , by suggesting miraculous interventions by GOD that have no Scriptual basis

    I guess any nature video of the animal Kingdom , marine life in the oceans , or videos of the bird life , as in nature series should make this clear .



  • Bonsai
    I absolutely agree. Nature and the bible contradict each other. What would the Carrion beetle feed on if there were no dead carcasses?
  • prologos

    Eden seem to have been pictured as an enclosure, with gates. Is it conceivable that animal carcasses could be degraded by vegetation, mushrooms? Is there even a record of animals in the garden apart from one snake? and it was eating not eggs, rodents but dust? That brings into focus all the meat was perhaps burned, like by Abel on the Altar or just buried before the flies could lay their eggs on ti? decay, turned directly into hey?

    Hiring competent writers was not the strong point of the supposed G.O.D.

  • floriferous

    You're absolutely right Smiddy.

    An 'evolutionist' I knew that saw the 'light' & became a JW tried to argue that the food chain as it exists today was not god's original plan. He said god did not intend for creatures to kill each other & that they would only feed on animals that had died.

    I asked him how far down the food chain god hadn't intended creatures to prey on each other. I offered the example of baleen whales being specifically 'created' to prey on krill by filtering them through their baleen plates. I asked if he knew of a way for them to distinguish between live or dead krill.

    Stoney silence................

  • Vidiot
    Basically, if the Genesis creation narrative is literal history, the entire f**king food chain - even though it actually functions fairly well - is, nevertheless, irrevocably flawed.
  • prologos

    In the narrative, The G.O.D .figure is the only carnivore, even bringing 5 extra, additional clean mammals into the ark to be killed later to sate his appetite. functioned fairly well indeed. added:

    In the real world, predation has to happen to keep nature in balance. its messy, but you can not just have carrion eaters, individuals just refuse to die if given the choice. how about you and me?

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Smiddy, have you been corresponding with Victor Frankenstein?

    It seems your premise *might* be that first there was DEATH, then there was life.

    There *might* have been a time, very early in the history of life on earth, (about 4 billion years ago) when there was no predation. Back then all life was in the oceans, and each creature was self-reliant, sustaining life by absorbing energy. Predation had not yet been "invented."

  • Dunedain
    Or, maybe, none of us know EXACTLY what happened, and maybe we never will, either.
  • Tenacious

    From a June 1, 2015 article:

    "In the beginning, there were simple chemicals. And they produced amino acids that eventually became the proteins necessary to create single cells. And the single cells became plants and animals. Recent research is revealing how the primordial soup created the amino acid building blocks, and there is widespread scientific consensus on the evolution from the first cell into plants and animals. But it's still a mystery how the building blocks were first assembled into the proteins that formed the machinery of all cells."

  • Nathan Natas

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