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  • Atlantis


    You are correct! In all my cooking classes i am required to tie my hair up and plastic bag it.

    My instructors don't want me getting it caught in the meat grinders or slicers. And hair collects a lot of dust particles you don't want around food.

    One instructor in Holland asked me plastic bag it twice when making cheese chocolates.

    The instructors in Italy required me to plastic bag it twice also. They don't want any hair particles in the spaghetti and meat balls. And heaven forbid if a hair gets into your Italian wine! A real disaster!


  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Petra, my hair used to be down to my waist, so not as long as yours.

    Like your mum, I got told to cut it off. Eventually I did and its now down to my shoulders. But before I got disfellowshipped (for sticking to what the Bible really said) and when it was still long, I would sit towards the front of the hall. Sometimes, when I looked up, I would shake my head and flick my hair back. I didn't realise I'd sometimes catch the face of the person sitting in the row behind with my hair when I flicked it.

    I guess if it had been you, you'd have managed to get them two rows behind. That would have been spectacular.

  • Atlantis

    Anna Marina:

    I hear ya Anna! Mine is almost touching the floor. When I am in tight public areas, I will just wrap it around my waist. I am so sorry you were treated badly. We respect you just the way you are. You should be commended for doing what "you" felt was right.

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  • BluesBrother

    Thanks Petra. Nb. I am glad that Atlantis is still sprightly enough to climb trees ! ( not that I am encouraging him)

    Re Prison Minister. That has tightened up since my day . I once lived near to a max security prison and a fellow elder looked after the interested inmatès. But it was a fairly loose arrangement and others could go. I deputised and accompanied sometimes . It is an experience, taking a Bible Study with a room full of "lifers". Actually, they seemed nice blokes........

    Of course we were not THE Prison Chaplain, that was someone else.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    That 'tour the building site' ad is ridiculous. It has all the hallmarks of cheap advertising.

    Time limited offer. Book now! Tour now or never! Experience of a lifetime! One-time opportunity! (Also bring your money and leave it with us).

  • Atlantis


    You must be a strong person to go into those prisons and have a Bible Study. A lot of JW's would never have the strength or determination to do it. There must have been times when you felt the hair stand on the back of your neck.

    Well, we are glad that Atlantis stays active, it's just that we don't want him to over do it. Especially when we have heard of even young folks dropping from heat stroke.

    He just built some new steps for the house using pressure treated lumber, and I try to make sure he drinks plenty of water.

    Instead of too much meats like steak, I try to have him eat some salads and greens, nuts and plenty of fruit to help his digestive system. Apple Sauce is always a winner.


  • Atlantis

    Anders Andersen:

    Yes, pretty funny! Don't wait! Donate now and get a bigger house in Paradise! Opportunity of a lifetime! Double your donation and get a house in Paradise next to an overseer!


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