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  • Atlantis


    Atlantis is my grandpa and elderly, so I grab his computer and use his account here when I am visiting. Dad (poster Vulcan) and I come by here to check on Atlantis now and then.

    (You never know what kind of trouble grandpa is getting into. 2 months ago we caught him helping the kids down the street build a tree house. There he was, almost 70 years old and climbing trees to help the kids. I told him to get down from there and the little kids stuck their lower lip out at me with an expression on their face that said...old-wind-bag!)

    My hair is an honor to my mother who passed from breast cancer. She had always wanted to grow long hair, but the Watchtower felt that it was not theocratic for field service, and brought to much attention to a female. Mom was a regular pioneer with grandma Nevada.

    So, I grow my hair in memory of Mom.


  • smiddy3

    Application for prison minister got me. I find it laughable.A Joke.

    I have had personal experience with 2 so called prison ministers in two seperate states in Aust.and neither of them were known by the Prison Officials as Jehovah`s Witness Prison Ministers .

    What a joke.

    They both only went into prison on designated visiting times to visit certain individuals who were their.

    No doubt they didn`t want it known or advertised that there were JW`s incarcerated behind bars for crimes they have committed .

    Other Prison Ministers of different religions were known as such and could go in anytime there was a need outside of visiting hours. Not JW so called Prison Ministers.

    Over the years when I was an active JW and had opportunity to visit a couple of JW`s incarcerated in two States ,VIC. & QLD. in prison when I met with these two so called JW Prison Ministers.

    That was another eye opener for me because I had read a completely different scenario of JW Prison Ministers in a previous "Awake" article some time before.

    And I was finding out slowly that what is presented in the mags and what the reality was is two totally different things.

  • smiddy3

    Thanks for clarifying your relationships Petra ,Atlantis is your grandpa , elderly and he`s only almost 70 ? lol .

    Sorry, look at my post tomorrow,and your dad is Vulcan .

    Well your hair looks beautiful but surely it must be a weight on your head ? And looking at that photo I can only imagine the beauty from a front view.

  • LongHairGal


    I’m glad you grew your hair in honor of your mother and ignored what the religion (or anybody else) had to say about it..

    Keep up the good work making the world beautiful! 😊

  • carla

    Your hair is beautiful! I didn't know they also had limits on hair length for females!

  • careful

    "Watchtower felt that it was not theocratic for field service, and brought too much attention to a female." Thank you, Petra!

    I remember one young couple, newlyweds, who moved into our cong and the sister had long beautiful hair. I was a newbie and could not understand the flack she got about it. It was THE talk of the cong. I kept thinking, "Isn't this mean to her? Aren't there more important things to be concerned with?"

    Looking back on it now, I guess it's the rough equivalent to a brother with a beard, another crazy anti-fetish in Witnessland.

  • LV101
    I think Petra could sell her hair pictures -- it's a beautiful color, too. Money well spent.
  • SAHS

    Your hair is certainly beautiful and majestic. Just be really careful if you ever get a job which involves working around big heavy machinery.

  • slimboyfat

    “The time left is reduced” - to book a Chelmsford tour, that is. That’s just making fun, is it not? Armageddon didn’t come, but never mind, come tour the new shiny branch we built in the meantime.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Hi Petra - your hair is very beautiful and thanks for sharing the conditioning tips.

    Afterburn - I am still laughing at your comment:

    Afterburn 2 days ago
    ... publishers should refrain from posting messages to guest books or online obituaries unless they personally know the deceased or the family of the deceased.

    Translation: We are fully aware that this cult has trained you to be calloused, insensitive, socially maladjusted, and opportunistic, and you are all doing very well, however, this one even squicked us a little bit, so ... just ... just, no.

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