Repercussions over Whiskygate?

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  • I quit!
    I quit!

    I don't see where this would be a big deal to witnesses. Drinking, even heavy drinking has been a part of Watchtower history going back at least to Rutherford. It was totally acceptable when I was a Jdub. We had a person in our congregation who was a respected member of the "anointed". He liked brandy so every so often I'd buy him a bottle. When I went to dinner with witnesses we'd order drinks. Sometime I'd meet other Jdubs in restaurant lounges for drinks. If anything being seen buying alcohol might increase his status. At least with type of witnesses I hung around with.

  • FedUpJW

    How many of us here have had 'counsel' for much less demeaning things?

    I got yanked into the back room and "counseled" about my vehicle having been seen in front of a local nightclub after midnight. The eldurrs told me I should park a block or two away instead of right out front as I surely didn't "want to stumble" someone.

    I asked how much trouble I would be in if I innocently happened to be parked in front of a single woman's home until 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning?

  • sir82

    My best guess is he got "private reproof" -not from any elders in a congregation, but at one of the weekly GB meetings.

    And I think that the "reproof" was, "Yo, Tony, be a little more discreet when you make your booze runs. Better still, send out a lackey to get it for you. Now, on to other business..."

  • Vidiot
    I quit! - "I don't see where this would be a big deal to witnesses. Drinking, even heavy drinking has been a part of Watchtower history going back at least to Rutherford."

    It's not about the drinking, per se.

    It's about the fact that a GB member (someone who is supposedly held to a higher moral standard to and is almost idolized by the rank-and-file)...

    a) ...bought over nine hundred dollars worth (who the fuck can afford to spare that kind of cheddar just for recreational purposes?)...

    b) ...of the exact same stuff (so it's doubtful he was shopping for anyone but himself and his wife, and he admits as much in the footage... greed or raging alcoholism, you decide)...

    c) ...from a store in a completely different town a half-hour away, suggesting that he didn't want anyone local - particularly anyone at WTHQ - to see him.

    None of these conditions paint a positive picture of a righteous and pious religious leader worthy of anyone's loyalty, regardless of the WT history's long-standing relationship with liquor.

  • minimus

    I still think it’s not huge news. Bethelites have always been known for their drinking. I seriously doubt he was drinking that all at once. So if he bought a year’s supply, who cares!??

    I have gone to the liquor store and paid over 300 bucks one time for booze that I got a good deal on. If that booze lasted years, which much of it did, that’s my business and I was an elder then.

    Can you only discreetly buy nips or singles of beer or else you will be accused of heavy drinking??

    This subject is nothing to get righteous indignation over, brothers and sisters.🍾

  • fulano

    I agree minimus. Making such an issue about this. It is his money, unless otherwise proved. He can do his shopping wherever he likes. Who doesnt buy larger quantities when he sees a good deal?

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions
    It is his money, unless otherwise proved.

    That's right, it's his money. . .. that he got from little kids putting their ice cream money in the contribution box.

  • Simon

    For their to be repercussions would first require there to be some scandal. This is entirely manufactured wishful thinking unless anyone has actual evidence to the contrary.

    It's still a non-story.

  • fulano

    Breakfast of champions...

    Who says it is "icecream money"? Allowance is/was (1999) $200.

  • just fine
    just fine

    They won’t even hold pedophiles accountable and you think they are going to do something about buying whiskey?

    Also, he is at a level that nothing would ever happen to him anyway, to think otherwise is delusional.

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