The reality we must face.

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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    my old dad died a year ago--aged 95. we got baptised together when i was 14----that was 54 years ago. i resigned from the cult when i was 23. it never stopped dad and i having a normal relationship--we just rarely talked about his religion. he told me at one stage--that he could find nothing in the bible that meant he couldnt talk to me.

    he was an elder for years back in the '70s.--but i dont think he accepted a lot of watchtower dictaat.

    i think--but cant prove--my kids started to withdraw from him in his last 10-15 years--maybe because they realised we were still close. i do know my daughter never once visited him in his care home in the 3 years he was there. she lives less than a mile away.

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