Sad news from the Spanish Front

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  • StarTrekAngel

    Simon... How much bandwidth are you seeing come to this site?

    I've always toyed with the idea of at least helping out start something like this. I work for an ISP, I am the network admin. At my core network I have access to several 10 Gbps links and plenty of space to mount servers. I can not imagine you see a lot of it. The real network killer these days are streaming services, not web forums.

  • Simon

    It obviously varies but I'd guess about 3Gb would be about average. If it's > 5 or 6 I start looking to see if something unusual is going on (e.g. a bot).

    I make sure things are very cachable though - images, avatars, scripts, stylesheets etc... should all be kept on the client and never re-requested unless I deploy some updates.

    I use Google cloud and everything auto-scales and the data storage is a service so there are no server-management issues to worry about which used to take a lot of time and cost more.

  • sp74bb

    Hello to all,

    Sad news, no indeed... Totally the opposite.

    Reasons to close the current discussion board are many, but can be summarise by two points:

    1. Since November no substantial result in the crowdfunding we propose to make board running and many other actions. As the economical viability was not cleared I decided as the Admin of the board to give sufficient time and close it at Feb 14

    2. Legal concerns.. A board owner is legally responding to all the possible judicial concerns. I paid an high price to get some legal help. Crowdfunding not following, I have no other way than to close it.

    Sadly, after giving that news, people was not supportive at all and I discover that I was labelled as a "dictator" because I left exJW Spanish without a discussion board... Sad to see that the previous owner of was attacked today in the same way and she confirmed it on her Facebook.

    AbusosTJ was never meant to be a discussion forum. It was, is and will be a project to help victims and give visibility on the sexual abuse within JW. Who wants a free forum for chit chat talks might do their own. Facebook, Twitter are excellent platforms as well for discussion.

    It was as well unfortunate to be attacked by some exJW in Spain through mass mailing after forum closure for another reason, being gay !! Yes sir... Being gay, you as a victim, you are not a safe travelmate...

    Two gay magazines in Spain featured my story months ago. Maybe the exJW involved in this attack still needs to face a fact. LGTBI rights are present and gays are safe people not pederasts...

    Due to the attacks I decided to close definitively the forum before the expected day of Feb 14. There was no reason to face these attacks anymore.

    Some people clearly thought to be exJW activists because they were writing on a board. It goes much further than this... Better to be less activists in numbers but focusing on doing things...

    AbusosTJ has not disappeared, we have transformed it in a blog where we post and discuss sexual abuse activism, actions, etc...

    Next actions:

    - Some Spain Congresswomen received us weeks ago. We are making some nice conversations and proposals to them. These are in study.

    - Two main TV programs will be on air in 5-6 weeks and discuss sexual abuse within JW.

    - Different meetings with local and regional politicians to give visibility to our claims.

    - We are going to do a seminar end September in an important Spanish University to give more viability.

    - As usual we focus as well in making this situation to be known within the general audience through newspapers.

    Maybe we are going to miss many forum members for a while but time is precious. Let's face it. Better facts and actions than talks

    AbusosTJ is still alive ! Gracias GeoBAR !

  • corruptgirl

    That is very sad, I imagine it's much harder for ppl of other languages to wake up. For one, they may not have any apostate forums in their language, or even a computer with internet..depending where they live. I was from the spanish congregation and even though we live in the USA most of these ppl don't know how to use the computer or speak English. Also the Spanish Watchtower library doesn't go as far back in years as the English one. And there is no Spanish translation for books like Millions Now Living Will Never Die or The Finished Mystery. These books have helped many to wake up including myself!

  • Hecce

    Thanks sp74bb for your detailed explanation about the current events. I admire your effort and the multiple results but I am still sad of the forum closing and the incidents thereafter.

    Corruptgirl thanks for your very concise opinion in this matter.

  • David Blanco
    David Blanco

    There are more sites on the internet where the WT is uncovered in Spanish and better than the private blog, such as Facebook or google +.

    In Spanish speaking the WT receives many blows.



  • sp74bb

    I agree with David Blanco, there are many places to discuss in Spanish and this has been the same for years.

    It is quite unpleasant to be attacked just for the fact of a forum closure. Many are not really understanding the legal problems you get in some countries you might face.

    Since the closure I'm as well quite active in Reddit forum with r/exTJ tag. Many exJW are active there.

  • Hecce

    I agree with David Blanco, there are many places to discuss in Spanish and this has been the same for years.

    You are telling the truth as to the existence of many places in English and Spanish related to the WT, but is the quality of the site what is important. The EXTJ forum and then your site were both high quality and that might be a reason as to why they are missed.

  • StarTrekAngel

    Exactly my point. Quality. Forums are not bad for those of us who would like to share some ideas and openly discuss. But for those lurking in fear, signing up for a forum when their computers can be subject to monitoring (if you are a minor) or the computer is shared with a loved one, then is not an option. Sites like JWsurvey should be widespread and in many languages. There you can get information and hide your tracks much easier. You don't have to sign up for anything. Sure, hiding is not that difficult, but when you are in fear of apostasy, you would be less likely to go thru that process. Quality information should be easy to come about with nothing more needed than a click in the right place.

    Also, I am glad that progress is being made in Spain, but this should affect the entire Spanish speaking world.


    3 Gbps is quite more than I anticipated. For this type of content? That tells me there are plenty of lurkers who do not post, and I mean PLENTY. Unless I am missing something. Most videos are youtube hosted so I would think they do not count towards your traffic, do they?

  • Hecce


    That is exactly the point, we have some quality sites with participants that were traveling overseers, members of the Bethel family, some of them still are. There is credible information coming in, like announcements and letters being published before they are made public. There is a big difference between that type of operation and just getting together to repeat constantly that the Watchtower is "bad".

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