My Dad's Funeral

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  • pale.emperor

    Sorry to hear about your experience. And my condolences for your father. Having to attend an occasion like a funeral with people that treat you like shit cant be easy and, as you've seen, JWs will just jump at the chance to make you feel worthless and guilty even at a funeral. It's what they do.

    I don't think I will participate in any way when the inevitable happens. I'm dead to them, they're dead to me.

    I wont be going to my mums funeral when she croaks it. There's very few JW family members that I would go for. One of my sisters and maybe my JW uncles but I just know I'd be glared at and on the receiving end of passive aggressive behaviour.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i organised my fathers funeral. i made sure it was not a watchtower event. i didnt tell any of them. just a private committal--me, 2 ex jw friends and a few care home staff who had looked after him in his last years.

  • Giordano

    The JW funeral service is truly the lowest point in a low religion. Over forty years of being out......... my wife and i attended the services for both mothers, one sister and one Aunt who helped my mother raise us. For over 40 years it was the same terrible experience. 3 to 5 minutes about the deceased then a 45 minute commercial about the WTBTS and of course Lazarus who finds his way into every JW funeral. And in my mind it always begs the question 'so where is Lazarus today?' And what is the point of using Lazarus to sell the resurrection? That you get to die all over again?

    The JW inability to conduct a funeral service really shows the difference of a corporation vs a religion which has the responsibility to offer love and care to the mourners.

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