Are the Elders harder on Women

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  • Listener

    Yes, they are harder on females. After all, they have first hand experience that it's the woman's fault for being a temptation to them.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    My sister was married to one of these holier than thou elders that his word around his home was never to be questioned. My sister could never say anything and almost had a nervous breakdown until she came to her senses and left the pr*ck. Well because of his fine example now half the children don't want anything to do with the cult.

    Oh yeah I forgot to add that after my sister left him and wanted a divorce, she got a lot of pressure from the other elders in the congregation to go back to him. I believe they do treat woman as second class citizens.

  • Wild_Thing

    Yes ... they're still holding a grudge against us for eating an apple.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Yes I have heard of elders who get hard-on women, who are not their wives. They rarely or never get hard-on their wives.

  • Finkelstein

    They are lenient on other elders wifes to be sure.

    Particularly if the elder is close friends to another elders's wife.

    From what I remember the more higher up in the organization you are the more gets shushed and covered up around that person's behavior, particularly if that person gets disfellowshiped. ie. Elders, Co's

  • BluesBrother

    Yes it is true. Not only in respect of J Committees but on a daily basis in little things . The majority that I know are working men who do not deal with women as equals in the workplace . They have never had a female boss and would not accept one. Their WTS training has taught them that women are inferior and they detest sisters who speak up for themselves.

    I have seen it over many years and I don't see it improving

  • xjwsrock

    The org is a breeding ground of insecure men taking out their inferiority complexes on the underlings (like women).

    I have seen a lot of the opposite too, though. Attractive sisters can turn on the tears or giggle a few times to get out of murder.

    But that's the point, The elders like the org because it props them up and gives them authority. They can then use the authority to give out favors to attractive sisters or lord it over the "headstrong" ones. Both with impunity.

  • Linda

    At a meeting one time, an elder came up to me and asked for a favour and it was a doozy. He wanted me to drive an older sister home since her usual driver had to leave the meeting early. I told him I don't drive. I always get a ride to the hall. He mustered under his breath that I am disobedient to the elder. WTF!!!! I don't drive. No car. No licence. Gosh is this guy for real?!?! I'm disobedient!?!?!? HOW?!?!?

    After that, he never called on me to answer any questions at the study watchtower. Geez.

    I love Wild_Thing's post about us eating the apple. Yes they do say Satan is the father of all lies but Eve gets blamed for the apple. WTF!!! Now we know how women get blamed for all that happens to us and the jdubs elders are there with that same blame. Oh boy!

  • lara croft
    lara croft

    WT is a misogynistic religion

  • slimboyfat

    I think elders are harder on non-elders, and since women can never be elders if follows in general they're harder on women. Aren't there even rules in the elders book that says an elder should be removed for a sin that would merit DFing for a non-elder. There are double standards.

    To show it's not just a women thing, consider any long term non-appointed males or perpetual MS in the congregation. They were generally treated as pretty useless or with general suspicion if they were not "good enough" to be made up to an elder. If they landed in any trouble or dispute, their non-elder status was definitely held against them.

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