Are the Elders harder on Women

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  • Steel

    I was having a discussion with an old friend last night. Her parents are divorced and his mother never became “one of Jehovah Witnesses “ .

    Long story short she claims elders are generally hardier on women than men. There seems to be a boys will be boys attitude but with the women it generally witch-hunt mode with any scent of a sin.

    I never really thought about it but I don’t doubt her for a second.

    Thoughts and opinions ?

  • ToesUp

    Just my observation (as a woman).

    I think the Elders (the majority) hate a woman who will take NO crap from the Brothers. They call it un-submissive. I have been called that. I told one Elder that respect is earned, not given. The Elders wife was present when I said it and she agreed. Bet she got a tongue lashing later (lol).

    I think the mentality of some of the Elders when they are dealing with what they call an "un-submissive" woman is similar to a scene from the Wizard of Oz, "I will get you my pretty and your little dog too." You will have a target on your back and if they find something they can GET you on, they will. It's the only way they can shut some women dirty.

  • Xanthippe

    My experience was that many elders hate women with strong personalities and opinions. They think women should be seen and not heard. Some would ignore my hand at meetings. One elder used to ignore me at the meeting for FS and after everyone had been given territory I would be left standing on the street corner and would have to ask him for some as he turned to walk away. His wife was a quiet little mouse. That's how he liked it. He never helped with housework, that was women's work.

    Once when we were expecting a new book from the convention I went to the literature desk to see if it had arrived only to find we weren't 'allowed' to have it yet for some unknown reason and the elder who ignored me at meetings for FS was standing right behind me at the desk trying to catch me out doing something 'wrong'. He was so close that as I stepped back I trod on his foot. I certainly made sure to grind my stiletto heel into his shoe. He was hopping around for ages. 😄

  • millie210

    I think it has to do with type.

    As mentioned above they will be hard on a strong woman or one who shows no fear of them.

    A pretty young woman who cries and looks up to them and maybe "daddy" is one of them (elders) will fare better.

    I think they are the absolute hardest on young men.

    The only way to survive as a young man is to be thin, fair skinned, balding and brown nosing.

  • Chook

    Tyranny is the elder domain. Sorry sisters but the black book is skewed in their favour.These dickheads know it.Its the books fault or should I say interpretation of it.About being hard on sisters the only thing is their Hard On in their pants

  • scruffmcbuff

    Little men trying to get thier "fix of power" before they leave the hall and are back in the real world cleaning windows or doing some other low paid, un important job.

    Thats the way I always saw it anyway, When I look back at the elders who disfellowshiped me one was a door to door salesman (yes really!) one was a wheelie bin cleaner and the third was unemployed.

    They abuse the position of relative power to feel more important, a bit like children playing make believe.

  • Quarterback

    Not really, but, I've the reverse. The Elder's wife(s) are harder on their Elder husbands.

  • Steel

    I saw a single sister with her “worldly” boyfriend in the KH and an Elder did a marry in the lord talk and ended it with “ do you think you could find so and so sister a good Christian man “.

    My jaw just dropped. The guy was even studying.

    For people that are so worried about saving people from being destroyed at the big A, you sure have no problem kicking people when they are down.

  • LongHairGal

    Sorry to have to say it, but it is true. There is a double-standard in the Witness religion in every way you can imagine!

    This ranges from harsher treatment towards women and them being Df'd for immorality whereas a man will get a slap on the wrist; general talking down to and lack of respect; WAY overstepping of boundaries when talking to women and last, but not least, pushing poverty for single women and getting them to do favors for all the USERS in the hall.

    I resisted them in every way.

    I came into the JW religion as a working young woman, and I had healthy self-esteem that these insecure morons were not robbing from me. Nor was I following in the footsteps of other single women there. These bastard Witnesses are not looking out for the welfare of single women there and I followed my instincts of self-preservation!! I had to.

    Of course, I paid the price by being unpopular and not invited much, but that's okay and I'm grateful today that I listened to my gut. I couldn't care less how I was viewed.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    The sisters were a lot smarter than the bro's, I realized that when I became a elder.

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