British Branch Committee

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  • Paul Bonanno
    Paul Bonanno

    I remembered the following:

    John Andrews (Branch Coordinator)

    Peter Ellis

    Ron Drage

    Jack Dowson

    Later Denis Datton

  • Lostandfound

    On Charities Commission, find a charity link for IBSA trustee list show Drage and old guard resigning in 2015 and few directors/trustees remaining, not 9 any way, not sure if this is branch committee but old guard mentioned were certainly heavily on it. With reduced scope of branch, no treasury, no printing, no distribution, some senior posts become redundant. Dennis Dutton was factory overseer once, what is left to oversee? Some really heavy brothers with nothing to oversee. Door beckons? Hate to be in any cong that was assigned such "princes" shock of reality awaits!!

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