jehovah witness elder molest his daughter ... Lynn Gardner

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  • waton

    "--there were concentration camps in Poland,--" never a jw:

    that is how these stories are slanted. There were no polish concentration camps! until 1945.

    terrible as these abuse stories are, they are not what makes the wt uniquely abhorrent.

  • Fisherman
    ...they are not what makes the wt uniquely abhorrent.

    That's another topic.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    This story actually shocked me. I hear many life stories like this but this one was particularly bad. As one poster said, elders are covered by holy spirit? What a crock. I just hope that the many people out there will go to the police and sue the dickens out of WT.

  • OrphanCrow
    Fisherman: Her story cannot
    be verified from just listening
    to her accusations.
    Maybe they are
    true and maybe
    they are not.
    Your guess is
    as good as mine.
    Unless you show proof.
    That is only one side
    of the story presented here,
    a sad story,
    but that is all it is.
    In all fairness though, an impartial
    arbitrator must hear the side
    of the defense also to......................................................................................................................... decide.

    You are missing the entire point of this woman's video.

    This video is NOT about establishing guilt of the father. It is establishing that the girl child that this abuse happened to is NOT guilty, regardless of whether you believe her "side" of the "story" or not.

    This woman is using her voice - she is being present - she is real and alive and no longer content to keep an abuser's secrets for him. This video is about HER experience. It is not about the abuser's guilt (or not).

    This video is about a victim taking steps to heal and your response, Fisherman, is repugnant to all victims who are struggling to find voice and meaning in a life that has been destroyed.

    And no, it is not necessary "for an impartial arbitrator must hear the side of the defense also". Not in the least. The story is real to the victim and the victim's voice stands as testimony to her experience and if you think that she is making it up...then you are an insensitive jerk with no understanding of how difficult it would have been for this particular victim to speak of such horrific abuse at the hands of someone who is supposed to be her main protector.

  • blondie

    Between 1939 and 1945, at least 1.5 million Polish citizens were deported to German territory for forced labor. Hundreds of thousands were also imprisoned in Nazi concentration camps.

    It is estimated that the Germans killed at least 1.9 million non-Jewish Polish civilians during World War II. In addition, the Germans murdered at least 3 million Jewish citizens of Poland

    (Of course, we must remember the ghettos)

    Killing centers (also referred to as "extermination camps" or "death camps") were designed to carry out genocide. Between 1941 and 1945, the Nazis established six killing centers in former Polish territory—Chelmno, Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka, Auschwitz-Birkenau (part of the Auschwitz complex), and Majdanek. Chelmno and Auschwitz were established in areas annexed to Germany in 1939. The other camps (Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka, and Majdanek) were established in the Generalgouvernement (General Government) of Poland. Both Auschwitz and Majdanek functioned as concentration and forced-labor camps as well as killing centers. The overwhelming majority of the victims of the killing centers were Jews. An estimated 3.5 million Jews were killed in these six killing centers as part of the Final Solution. Other victims included Roma (Gypsies) and Soviet prisoners of war.

  • flipper

    JAYDEE- Thanks for posting this. Really disgusting the abuse this poor woman had to experience. She is very courageous to tell her story and advise other abuse victims to go to the police. It's totally obvious that her story was difficult to tell for her as she came close to breaking down a couple times while sharing it. I hope other abuse victims will gain courage to come forward like her and expose this criminal organization.

    FISHERMAN- Your not accepting this woman's story is just another proof of insensitivity and lack of compassion that many JW's were indoctrinated with. " A sad story, but that is all it is. " ????? Come on now. How would YOU have liked being sexually abused yourself as a child growing up ? Do you think what this lady went through was inconsequential ? And who gives a damn if you believe it or not ? Who died and made you king ? Your lack of sensitivity IS an insult to other victims of sexual or violent child abuse. It's insensitive people like you that always come on here defending the WT Society and their criminal ways. Get a grip

  • jaydee

    At least venting on Youtube must be some what cathartic for her

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    I'd like to add that although I never met Lynn personally aside from riding in the same bus as her to an international convention I know her family and her dad as an elder fairly well. EVERY SINGLE DETAIL she mentions rings true, from geographical locations to her parents behavior and actions. Even her mothers terse reply with her her back turned " Nope can't do that ! " belies this family and what I know of them. Her siblings are true company men in the organization except maybe for her youngest brother. And the dad really was gruff, power hungry and a bully of an elder. He enjoyed his status as CO of the congregation for over a decade if not two. I can also recount a renovation project he did for a brother that fell apart halfway through on account of his being personally under qualified . Is an unrelated incident that highlighted a character flaw of failure to admit being wrong. Him, his status and position always seemed to come first. I know he resigned being an elder due to age and health problems. I must say that despite his character flaws I was fond of him and looked up to him as a father figure. I'm very disappointed in all of this and if anything highlights the need to avoid following men. I'm so sorry this happened to sweet innocent little Lynn as a child but congradulate her for really trying to patch things up with her dad and get an apology so as to allow her to get close to her family again. Her dad let her down big time ! He left her no choice but to go public and move on with the rest of her life. Lynn comes across as a very honest person with integrity. I wish her and her family the best and do hope her dad will learn from this.

  • Fisherman
    FISHERMAN- Your not accepting this woman's story is just another proof of insensitivity and lack of compassion that many JW's were indoctrinated with. "

    I am not saying the story isn't true but I also am not saying that the story is true. I don't know. Do you know?

    If you know, then show proof.

    If you don't know, how did you convinct ?

  • smiddy

    Lynn Gardner suggests abuse victims go to the authorities by inference either child sexual abuse authorities or the police. and not just leave it up to the congregation Elders to sort it out.

    Has lynn Gardner done either of these options herself ?

    Hopefully she has taken her own advice

    If she hasn`t done so I would ask why not.?

    She has come on this public forum making these claims ,I would hope she has also made these claims public to the appropiate authorities to get justice for the abuse she claims have been made against her.

    I have attempted to make lynns case and appease those who question her integrity.

    I wish you well Lynn Gardner in your recovery and peace of mind.

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