"Inactive" non Attenders, how much power do the JW's have over YOU ?

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  • nicolaou

    Interesting that so many of us, my 52 year old self included, only feel curtailed when it comes to our aged parents. We don't want to upset them or worse, lose contact with them at this most delicate stage.

    I wonder what will happen when our parents, the ones who were members of the Watchtower Society not jw.org, who took us to 5 or 6 day conventions and actually knew what it was to defend beliefs instead of cowering behind a trolley, I wonder what will happen when they're gone?

    I think the inactive non attenders this topic is discussing may suddenly find their voices and middle fingers. I hope so.

  • Xanthippe

    Just another perspective for a moment, I was thinking about fear of upsetting elderly parents and family so therefore people try and fade. Perhaps this sounds heartless but my mother was very upset when I left as were my brother and sisters. Am I to be held responsible for people who never read anything of depth or think deeply in their entire lives? Who switch off the news, never read a newspaper and until the GB said it was okay, rejected information technology. Is it my fault they are wilfully ignorant and this has caused them pain when I left the cult?

    We are all responsible for continually learning about our world and if we choose to be lazy and put on rose coloured glasses because life is difficult and painful then we have to put up with our more intelligent, more well-read relatives going their own way.

    That's what I did and they just dumped me without asking why or caring what moved my heart to make that decision. If that broke their hearts then so be it. Sorry but that's just how I feel today.

  • nicolaou

    Not heartless at all Xanthippe, just honest. Chin up.

  • Finkelstein

    Power over one by another person or group by religious (cult) affiliation happens if you avail yourself toward that power, in other words don't do it.

    By the way if your thinking about doing things like loose sexual morality or poisoning yourself with smoking, drugs and boozing because no one is looking onto your behavior any more ......... I suggest you rethink upon that.

    Clean wholesome living is obtainable without outside controlling regulation from a religious organization.

  • Tallon

    Ditto to what Xanthippe posted above ^^^^^

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Blondie please help me understand your question???????? Really having a very hard time grasping what you are talking about? Who's children or grandchildren? The pedophiles? The elder? What are you talking about.

    I guess every post I make now you come at me and either put me down or question me.

    So OK. One the pedophile says he has 8 kids. None of them live where we are so I do not know if he has them or not as I have not seen or spoken to them I can only say what he says.

    Two he is on the sex offender's list on the internet and the cop shop.

    Three. If you were talking about the elder he does not have kids so

    Four his grand-kids could not be molested as the a-fore mentioned that he does not have kids.

    Five as most of the the other posters have pointed out the elders protect their families and though they do not tell the congregation they do make sure that their kids are protected.

    But truly in all honestly Blondie I do not understand you question or why you are coming at me like this.


  • life is to short
    life is to short

    six I do not know if the pedophile has molested his grand children.

    seven I do not even know if the pedophile really has grand-kids.

    eight I can only go off what the sex-offender registry says.

    nine sorry I cannot give out any names or congregation that I am with.


  • New day
    New day

    Life is to short

    I don't think Blondie meant any harm. I think it was an honest point about how might this elder feel if his own relatives were molested by this person. Then his protective attitude to the abuser might change radically if it came to his own front door. Am I correct Blondie?

  • blondie

    LITS, I don't understand how you got that meaning out of this: short statement

    LITS, I take it that his children or grandchildren have not been molested yet by such people, yet?

    The comment was not meant to say you were responsible, just an offhand comment about the ridiculous comment by that elder. People like him don't get it until it happens to them or some they care about. I have no idea what others have implied about my meaning or motives but they are wrong. I was not directing my posts to you only to the people you talked about.

  • Finkelstein

    This asshole here knew the asset of power.

    Josephus Rutherford , third President of the Watchtower Corporation

    You just have to lie and say you've read the bible and interpreted it correctly.

    " Well we are all just imperfect men "


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