Shunning - Are Mothers Most Fanatical?

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  • flipper

    At least in MY personal life - I found my situation the exact OPPOSITE of your thread title. My JW mom was the most supportive person to me when I left the JW cult back in 2003 - she loved and respected me whether I was a JW or not - yet my strict JW elder dad was the biggest asshole who treated me with utmost disdain and judgment all these years since I left the JW cult.

    I don't think it's either more mothers or more fathers who shun us- it's probably about equal of both- depending on which parent is the biggest asshole- and for some families it's the mother, in some families , like mine- it's the father. I have just as many friends on this board whose JW fathers shun them as JW mom's. I truly don't think there's any rhyme or reason to it. If you are trying to figure it out blame the WT Society leaders for their cult indoctrination of both men and women's minds which cause this to happen. Kind of how I see it

  • scratchme1010

    Odd that Visiting Warwick leaflet has a picture of a meeting of some sort with a room comprising men only, given the subordinate role given to women, one might think they would be more liberal over shunning close ones, but not so.

    Lostandfound, I think that this piece of your post is key to what I believe happens with women in general. They are conditioned to be submissive, to have no voice, to be obedient, to never make decisions, to make suggestions only at best. They develop a strong dependence on their men in their households, and in the guidance of men in their congregation.

    Any fool, with the lowest IQ, any jackass with the stupidest decision making process (or none at all), has more saying in a given situation than any woman with any set of leadership skills, simply for being a woman. Think about the mental toll that it has to take for them to be conditioned to living under those circumstances, and for years, day after day, made believe that their only place and the only purpose of existing is to be in that position in relationship with men, in this life and in the new order forever and ever.

    Of course, when something finally comes across that challenges that mentality and those believes that have made them miss so much, place them in a secondary role in life, and discourage them from independence and having the lives that they deep down know well they can have, they will react strongly, hence the strong push back.

  • Ucantnome

    I think everyone is different.

    My mother was very reluctant to have anything to do with my brother. He was in a bad situation. My father spoke to her about it, and the elders. She meant well. If it had been me it probably would have been different with my father but it wasn't so maybe i'm wrong.

    I think one of my kids is so much like my mother and means so well.

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