Disfellowshipped people are dead people?

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  • TheWonderofYou

    I must appear like a grinsing, happy and obtrusive zombie who fortunately is not sitting in the kingdom hall yet on the dangerous last row waiting to get absolution or endager somebody the rest of the last days.

  • tepidpoultry

    Inactive Publishers were known as "Dead Publishers" when I was a kid in

    the 60s


  • snugglebunny

    I know that a disfellowshipped person who is attending meetings is bypassed when the memorial emblems are handed around. I guess that's pretty indicative of JW's esprit de CORPSE....

  • waton

    walkin but not talkin, I see the disfellowshipped walk out of the hall with the last note of the closing song, or word of closing prayer. but jws can talk about them, like McEwan about that ex jw in Calgary. If successful, will that start an ex-calgary stampede?

  • tor1500


    I'm in....last week the mid week meeting mentioned to reach out to the inactive ones...because they need encouragement...yet not taking a breath it was said....not the DF'd ones but the inactive ones...I know my congregation, that didn't go down well...so DF'd ones don't need no encouragement. They are sent out to lick their own wounds....

    I don't bet, but after a while they will run out of inactive ones to bring back, there will be a big campaign to bring them back then it will fizzle out, then....They'll be after the DF'd ones...because as we see the #'s are not what the org. says they are, they will actually have to raise the dead to kick up their numbers...

    Again, I'm in the hall, many act like they don't associate with their DF'd family.....OH, my Friends, but they do....many of them it's their children, some are fanatical, but for the most part associate with DF ones...when no one is looking...

    The ones that say they don't and how it hurts but they stay loyal to Jehovah....& it takes all I have not to say, isn't there a scripture that says if you don't take care of your family.....I know you all know the one I'm talking about...the ones that say they are being loyal to Jehovah, are just a bunch of pious aholes....thinking they are making points with God....and in the end it will come to bite them in the butt...because if they don't talk to their df'd kids, we all know, that the congregation won't do it...who will look in on them or take care of them...I've read on this site how many DF'd or DA'd children had to take care of their elderly JW parent...not even if they had a JW child...

    So, stay tuned....one day...DF'ing may just be a thing of the past...look the Catholics don't burn folks no more...


  • blondie

    Why is such a firm stand appropriate even today? Well, reflect on the severe cutting off mandated in God's Law to Israel. In various serious matters, willful violators were executed. (Leviticus 20:10; Numbers 15:30, 31) When that happened, others, even relatives, could no longer speak with the dead lawbreaker. (Leviticus 19:1-4; Deuteronomy 13:1-5; 17:1-7)

    April 15, 1988 WT

    other quotes about df'ing https://www.jehovahs-witness.com/topic/35751/disfellowshipping-changes?size=20&page=1

  • tor1500


    The Witnesses are back in the mid-evil days...The still think folks eat blood, they had blood lettings back then because they thought the evilness was in the blood.....

    Folks that they DF don't believe in Ba'lam...they just don't believe what the org. is saying about God, or maybe they smoke or whatever human frailties mankind has....Most of the DF'ing that is done, has no grounds....it's for nothing, sex....the very act that brings us here, sex, without it...The Elders wouldn't have anyone to DF, as a matter of fact if it wasn't for sex, the elders wouldn't exist either.....

    The witnesses are taking the bible too far....the longer they peer into the more rules and regulations they will see and enforce....they have to re-invent themselves, so there is enough in the bible as a don't, that can keep religions going for decades....

    Jesus never DF anyone, many of the rules in the NT, are told by Paul, so he was just giving rules to the places he visited and needed those rules.

    DF'ing is just about control, that's all, just like hell is the same control other places of worship use...all to make us good, ain't working....folks are human and like Paul says, he want to do the right thing but he can't....he's conflicted, just like the rest of us...we too want to do good, but sometimes, we are just human...oh yes, and imperfect.


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