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  • HereIgo

    @smiddy exactly! as long as the bro meets qualifications in 1 timothy why is that not enough? I have heard of elders debating on whether or not they should appoint a bro who averages 9 hours...seriously you wont appoint him because he is an hour short of your 10 hour rule? unbelievable. Meanwhile, you have bro wifebeater who is an elder and is helping with the decision smh

  • blondie

    What does the phrase "full share" mean? Back in the 60's and 70's there was a quota set for each jw publisher of 10 hours a month, 12 magazines a month, 5 return visits and 1 bible study a month. There was even a large chart post at the front of the congregation. That is why "the national average" still centers around 10 hours. MS and elder appointments are determined by whether these men are maintaining the "national average." So was is their "best" and what does "full share" mean?

    QUOTE*** w61 6/1 p. 328 Your Time or Your Money? ***
    Each congregation has its hour quota and each Witness strives to meet or exceed it. The average minister in a congregation spends some ten hours monthly in such evangelizing.

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