shunning is bad

by Sabin 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • Sabin
    Xan, that is hilarious, I wonder if your cousin will say something. We went along with it at one time though a. I never had a problem with the big D myself, (yes I have been there) if you are at a job & you keep breaking the rules you get sacked, I knew I shouldn't have sex & I tried but I did & I was relieved when they D me. It's the cruelty that they inflict on ones I don't get, it's like a sadistic enjoyment in making some-one suffer to the fullest extent that is what makes my blood boil. They will take work away from some-one even if the rest of the family is still in WTF is that about. Then they treat the kids of a D person terribly not letting their kids play with them at school & stuff like that. Any little thing that they can do to push the knife in & twist it they go for it. I just wasn't treated or taught that way so I don't get it. Now I thank God I don't.
  • cognac
    Ugh, I got into one screaming match with a family member years ago as my ex husband sat in the other room and did absolutely nothing but take that family members side on how my thinking was wrong. Ugh, what an awful feeling.... It's like mental torture trying to argue with JWs...
  • TheListener
    Sorry to hear about the argument Sabin. But, since you and your daughter have a loud relationship in general maybe she'll think about a few of the things you said. You just never know.

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