shunning is bad

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  • Sabin

    So I had a phone conversation last night, I'm not proud of myself but that is how the cookie crumbles. Started off all well & good then up came the ARC which I was informed was all propaganda & the Oct 2012 polices I got from the internet are apostate & not true. So I lost the plot, completely lost it, & let out everything I was feeling. Just turned into a huge shouting match. Pointed out all the stuff said about the Catholic's from the platform, how the WTBTS are so much worse, read out the statement by Gerrit Losch, which apparently is insignificant, Blah Blah Blah. It just poured out. None of it matters cause it has nothing to do with the borg. I should understand that people get things wrong, that they make mistakes that my relationship with God has nothing to do with the borg & so I have no excuse for not attending the K.Hall or going on the mino. Well that was like showing a red flag to a bull. I said, if my relationship with Jah has nothing to do with the Borg what the hell do I need to go to meetings for. It just went round in circles It ended with me being told,

    " you are deliberately isolating yourself, SHUNNING your brothers & sisters, which is making you a negative person so now you have no friends." Apparently there have been some comments made about me SHUNNING the JWs, my tongue fell out of my head, of course I picked it straight up & had plenty to say on that subject as well.

    All this got me thinking bout shunning & what I want to say is that the Borg actually does believe that shunning/ignoring/silent treatment is bad & wrong unless they are the ones doing it. When they do this it isn't shunning, it's loving, they are helping the person to get better. Is that twisted thinking or no?The fact is they refuse to see it any other way so there can be no reasoning with them me thinks. As for me I will continue down the path of not mixing with them I consider them BAD ASSOCIATION, if they want to speak to me they may do so through my Lawyer. As for my daughter who the phone call was with, I am so righteously indignant by her apathy towards children who have been abused that she can go right ahead & shun me. I did send a text reminding her that I love her & will always be here for her but I am seriously unhappy with the little madam. Thanks, glad I got that off my chest.

  • zeb
    Does daughter have children?
  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas
    Frankenstein's monster: "Rrrrr! Fire G O O D!"
  • Sabin
    No Zeb she doesn't, She never researches anything either, but she does know her mum has never lied to her, so who knows.
  • GrreatTeacher

    "The Borg actually believe that shunning is bad and wrong unless they are the ones doing it." - Sabin

    That is so true! She actually admitted to you that shunning is wrong, but can excuse the org when they do it.

    She couldn't admit this contradiction?

    Let me guess, no?

  • possum
    Shunning is cruel
  • DesirousOfChange

    Sooooooooooooo, you tried to use reason with a Zombie JW?


    Sorry for the stress between you and the daughter.


  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland
    Sabin, love is stronger than the cold heartless organization. I believe your love will win her over in the end. I hope so.
  • Sabin
    Calm down people, everything with my girl will be fine. We are always clashing bout something, we are a loud family. I always told the girls "you think I'm an unreasonable old bag, then say so, to my face don't go off in to your bedroom & say it behind my back." I can deal (not always correctly) with what the little mare throws at me. The point that struck me was that JW had something to say about the fact that feel they are being shunned & they don't like it. What a bloody cheek. Anyway, it just made me think, hence my original comment about never being able to reason with them. They are not shunning, they are loving. WTF!
  • Xanthippe

    Sabin I understand your frustration with talking to family about shunning. My nonJW cousin phoned me after Xmas. She said my (JW) sister and her husband had just been to see her. She apologised to them for still having her Xmas decorations up because she knows they don't believe in it.

    She said my sister said they don't mind Xmas decorations and apparently my brother in law was admiring her tree and her cards. I said you do realise that they shun me for celebrating Xmas don't you. They are just hypocrites I said.

    She does know this. She knows they shun me. She can't understand how they can visit her who has never been a witness and she is invited to their house for meals but I have never been invited and they've never been to my home.

    Yes they do talk in their literature about giving people the silent treatment being wrong but they do it everyone one who leaves. Hypocrisy.

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