Another Subliminal Image? On the JW Website

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  • Onager

    It's clearly a Stormtrooper from Star Wars.


  • prologos

    The bespectacled foreground scene just shows what a drag the service is, while life goes on in it's exciting journey, wt is still mired in the time molasses stretching back to 1914, of course things will look strange from that perspective.

  • OneEyedJoe

    Pareidolia, as FTS said.

    The reason posts like this disappoint me so much is because it shows that people have such a difficult time moving on from what caused them to be trapped in the cult in the first place. Humans are great at pattern recognition and imbuing meaning to things. Even when a true pattern or meaning is absent, we see it. We saw a pattern of answered prayers, correct predictions, and loving behavior in a cult where no such pattern exists just because we'd been primed to see it. You'd think people who'd been fooled by a cult (and who'd fooled themselves into believing it) but eventually woke up would be better at asking "How might I be fooling myself here?" before posting things like this.

    Plus it just makes apostates look like loony conspiracy theorists and that helps no one.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Just trying to highlight how poor the quality control of the WTBTS photographic department is. :)

  • Thisismein1972

    It's funny how the once reasonable posters here turn into wannabe trolls!

    Subliminal images ARE real, and have been used in all manner of media. How do I know this?

    Most of you will know of the British soap Coronation Street. Well in the early 80's 90's there was a tourist attraction built around this at Granada Studios in Manchester where the set of Coronation Street is. The tour includes a short film narrated by Ken Barlow (screen name) in this short film was a split second flash of a coca cola bottle. Ken Barlow asked if we had seen something unusual in this short film. We all pointed to the flash of the coke bottle. He then went on to say, this is subliminal images. Although apparently banned in the UK, the US used this method of advertising on a regular basis. Why? Because our brains are more likely to register a subliminal image and actually recall the image time after time.

    To this day, I can still vividly see this image. So I for one believe the Watchtower do use subliminal images to control their followers. By using subliminal images that may include sexual content, this will sink deep inside the brain of an individual, hence leading this individual to feel guilt. It's far more easier to control an individual who constantly feels guilty.

    This imaging could also be the cause of the epidemic that is child molestation within the Watchtower too.

  • snugglebunny

    It's definitely deeminz.

  • punkofnice

    In the past there have been some dodgy images. The live forever book had some and that 1980's watchtower picture with the Zeus head on the skirt.

    Other than that, I think this is just a crappy photo.

  • Splash
    smiddy Splash you need glasses , thats a gal not a guy , obviously a double exposure , yes ?

    Then how do you explain his stripey top?

    (I hate having to explain jokes)

  • fizzle

    Here is a fairly recent article with a strange picture in it:

    Can you spot the strange looking "priest" ? Thoughts..?

  • punkofnice


    Image result for job jehovah

    It's Job, he's in heaven light

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