This Story Says It All

by Lee Elder 10 Replies latest watchtower medical

  • UnshackleTheChains

    Many years ago our daughter had to undergo a serious operation. She was only a year old. I spent several sleepless nights prior to the day of her surgery as my wife was adamant about no blood policy.

    I was relatively new in the 'truth' and had no idea about ward of court as it is not made clear in the publications or at meetings. Out of a despair, I phoned a HLC member explaining my concerns. He informed me about ward of court etc and that we just accept the surgeons judgement is if her life is at risk that they give a transfusion. That all we could do was ask the surgeon to avoid blood 'as much as possible'.

    I was blown away by his common sense approach to the blood issue and then explained this to my wife. She 'immediately' accepted this and it was like an entire load was lifted of my shoulders.

    The 2 things that struck me most about all of this was

    1. Why Watchtower don't give more information about children and ward of court.

    2. How easily my wife changed her thinking on the matter.

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