Food at the proper time.

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  • Paradise Found
    Paradise Found

    My user name is "Paradise Found" because thats how I feal about finding you guys!!!

    THE TRUTH is you (People) on this board would be generally interested in knowing about me as a person.That says a lot. Thats why I log on each and every day.

    When I have the time and energy to contribute on a regular basis you can get to know me as I do you.

    Inbetween time take care and thanks, because Iam sure Iam only one of many you do not know who know you and appreciate your commitment and regular contributions to this board.

    Yours (Always) PARADISE FOUND.

  • minimus

    Welcome to the board. I hope you'll be as interesting as you suggest.

  • waiting

    Hello - and welcome to our forum. This is a good place for all kinds of things - particularily just to meet other xjw's - and learn. We also make some good friends too....and an occasional pain in the butt person too.

    Btw, Lady Lee has worked hard to produce a cookbook of all kinds of recipes from our forum - and it's called "Food at the Proper Time." If you want more info - I'll pass it on to you.

    My contribution's on p. 86 I'm famous now.

    Hope you come back around! The more the merrier.


  • tinkerbell82
  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    waiting - ar eyou sure you're not in PR.

    If I ever need a PR person I will defintely know who to call on

    welcome Paradise Found

  • stillajwexelder

    welcome and enjoy -- I am still a newbie but really enjoying it on here --free speech -- I so miss that in da troof

  • Country_Woman

    welcome to the board.

  • xjw_b12

    Glad you Found us. Glad to meet your acquantance.

  • cruzanheart

    Welcome, welcome! You'll enjoy yourself here -- it is marvelously healing.


  • Nosferatu

    Hello Paradise Found! I hope your skin isn't an orangey color like the book is.

    Anyway, I look foreward to hearing the story of how you "lost the truth".

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