Wives With Unbelieving Mates

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  • minimus

    I knew many Witness wives with unbelieving mates who pretty much led a double life. “My husband says I have to go the workplace Christmas party.” Or my mate tells me I have to make a Thanksgiving dinnner. Or “ my mate insists I do things in the bedroom that I know the Watchtower has talked against.

    You get the idea. Some of these people had their cake and were eating it too.....and good for them!👍👍

  • Are you serious
    Are you serious

    Too bad my wife wasn't an unbelieving mate.

  • carla

    It is weird what a jw will do and not do year to year. Much depends on how close a holiday is to conventions and assemblies or who they happen to be hanging out with at any given moment. Or a current mag or should that be video now? That's all I can tell, we do not discuss jw things anymore. If I host a holiday dinner he will be there, if a family member does, then he won't. Then there is always the non-birthday birthday/Christmas gifts, you never know year to year. One year you get the non gift gift and the next you won't.

    As for bedroom activities, they should not be up for discussion with anybody and it makes my skin crawl to think it might or could be topic of discussion. eeew, shudder, no need for a cold shower! just think of your sex life being discussed with a bunch of them! thanks Min, now I gotta get that picture out of my head. How on earth does a topic like that even come up? nevermind, some things in life you are better off not knowing, like how hot dogs are made......

  • carla

    Sorry, I should have clarified jw man with ubm wife. He is still in the same boat as some of the jw wives with ubm's as he can use me as an excuse for everything. The house is decorated with Christmas lights? yep, the wife put them up. No, she doesn't listen to me about me being the 'head'.

  • sparrowdown

    If you have no qualms about being JW at the meeting and "worldy" at home with your "worldly" spouse then why the heck would you want to or even need to be a jw at all?! God, religion is stupid.

  • TD

    You get the idea. Some of these people had their cake and were eating it too.....and good for them!👍👍

    Yes. An unbelieving husband is pretty much a "Get out of jail free card." for a PIMO wife.

    "Christmas lights? (Blinks eyes innocently) I'm sorry Mr. Elder, my husband did that. He's in the garage putting a new upper on his AR-10. Why don't you go talk to him?"

    I know the whole "headship" thing reeks of sexism, but you can't blame couples for making that system work for them instead of against them.

  • carla

    If I was a guy I would use the whole headship thing every chance I could!

  • CovertsadJW

    That sounds great

  • tiki

    Being a hypocrite is just plain wrong. Make up your mind who you are and what you are and stop trying to fancy foot around your reality.

  • scratchme1010
    Some of these people had their cake and were eating it too.....and good for them!

    Not really. Living any kind of double life is not fun, and it hurts people who live it and those around them. They are living a lie in both sides, if you ask me.

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