Watchtower/JW .org and their 'apostate driven LIES'⁉️

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  • Nathan R. Koppe
    Nathan R. Koppe

    Watchtower/JW .org and their 'apostate driven LIES'⁉️

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  • keinlezard


    It's a curious speech .....

    The article says in fact , that paedophiles becomes Jehovah 's witnesses with the only goal to have access to child ...

    But, if I believe S. Lett ... the organisation is not "permissive" ... Then how paedophiles can believe that they could access to child ??? It's totally illogic ...

    It"s the right question "who is the liar ?"

    Now it seem that the organisation itself says "Lett , Morris, Jackson are liars" !!!

    Best Regards

  • Finkelstein

    No one ever said the WTS/JWS was permissive to pedophilia.

    What people did say though said is that the WTS acted morally irresponsible toward situations of pedophilia within the organization and encouraging its members to keep the matter away from government law authorities, less bring reproach onto Jehovah's organization.

    In other words the WTS was trying to uphold and protect the public image of the organization more so than taking firm responsible action toward this criminal activity.

    They were simply treating it as normal or common sexual misconduct.

    The WTS once condemned the Catholic organization for covering up situations of pedophilia , now look who's going through the same condemnation ?

    By the way Nathan this video put out by Lett is a couple of years old and its already been discuss on this forum quite a bit .

    If you want to find out what was said you could use the search box on this forum.

  • Nathan R. Koppe
    Nathan R. Koppe


    This is not intended to raise this video again, but stating that they once called people apostate liars, for something they have now admitted to in print.

    And most JW's will probably be reading over this at the next study ;)

    It's part of the info (sheets) I share that people can use, as it is from their own publications.

    I think you will get the idea on my FB page ;)

  • Finkelstein

    I see where your going with this Nathan.

    Its a matter of the top GB members not telling the whole honest truth to the matter but using selective wording to make up a biased half truth.

    The WTS/JWS does this many times and does so with self serving prejudice.

    Lett use of the word permissive is an outright lie by its own right.

    Interesting the Catholic church has recently created its own edict enforcing a mandate that all incidents of possible pedophilia within the Church now have to be reported to local law authorities with accumulated information and results by these officials to then be given to the top level officials of the church.

    Sounds like something the JWS should do after all pedophilia is a unlawful criminal act in most countries , its not just like other acts of sexual misconduct like fornication or adultery, the way the WTS has been treating it in the past.

  • Vidiot
    Finkelstein - "No one ever said the WTS/JWS was 'permissive to pedophilia'."


    So who's saying "apostate-driven lies", now?

  • Finkelstein

    Astonishingly a lot people saw Stephen Lett's pants catch on fire after he said that

  • smiddy3

    Stephen Lett said "let us discuss why child Abuse is such a grave sin " A governing body member of the Jehovah`s Witness religion said that and its in print, not recognizing the difference between a sin and a crime .

    Child sexual abuse against a child is NOT A SIN it is a CRIME. and should be dealt with by the law and not an internal judicial committee of any religion to be handled internally.

    This is the failure of the Jehovah`s Witness religion in this regard.

  • blondie

    I always wonder why the WTS sees child sexual abuse as a sin only. The god of the bible did not seem to view this type of behavior as a sin, but a crime, rape, under the Law code punishable by death (unless you were a single woman, but that is another issue). Child sexual abuse is rape, there is no consent involved by the child.

    The Insight book (WTS publication) says this about who judged such crimes, note that it does not say that the priests gathered at the gate. It was a secular process not a religious process and it was in the open in front of the people at the gates, not behind closed doors.

    At the city gates the older men of the city sat in judgment. (De 16:18; 21:18-20; 22:15;25:7) (under Gates)

  • Vidiot

    @ blondie...

    There've been leaked internal documents (i.e. elders'-eyes-only) showing that the WT leadership doesn't even want its members to report murder committed by a JW.

    A long time ago, I came to suspect that criminal activity like sexual assault has actually become so institutionalized and endemic (due to their woefully inadequate but so-called "Biblical" policies) that if they actually did start regularly reporting it - and thusly making it public knowledge...

    a) ...the sheer volume of offenses and offenders would too strongly cast doubt on the bOrg's legitimacy in the eyes of the rank-and-file...

    b) ...they'd run out of "qualified" brothers able to run the individual congregations (i.e. keep said rank-and-file in line) due to them being - at best - disqualified from serving due to embarrassment and member outrage, or - at worst - simply sent to prison, and...

    c) ...potentially place the bOrg's tax-exemption in danger due to actual cover-ups of criminal activities...

    ...all of which which couldn't help but threaten the WTS's long-term survival.

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