Jurassic Park

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  • arrowstar

    Neon.. I agreed. No more Jurassic Park movies.

    Czar...Andrew Carnegie was HUGE in the location of dinosaurs. Spent lots of money on sponsoring dino finds.

    gumby...actually other dino bones have been found in what would be the stomach cavity of a dino fossil. A T-Rex teeth are about 6" long and serrated like a steak knife. There are holes in other dino bones (like a triceratops) in which a T-Rex tooth will fit. Evidence of a fight. Tracks found indicate that raptors were following a herd of plant-eaters and attacked. There's evidence out there. Also, the fossilized dino droppings give evidence as well.


  • gumby

    Thanks arrowstar.

    So I guess old Jehovah IS a mean bastard afterall.! He makes animals that kill each other. Actually that fits his personality quite well, since he has a great track record of slaughtering millions of humans in the bible.


  • gumby
    Lions eat straw like the lamb

    I have a salad with my burger. Whats that got to do with carnivorous Dinosaurs?

    The point was......Christianity along with the dubs, teaches animals didn't eat one another before mans fall. What about all the animals that eat nothing BUT meat?


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Steve was in the alternate lifestyle garden on the fashionable west end of Eden.

  • SYN
    With the "cloning" that scientists have done (most notibly, with Dolly the sheep), do you think it's feasible that they could in fact, make a dinasaur from DNA?

    Not possible. There are way too many factors involved.

    For starters, ribonucleic acids (i.e. DNA) are very fragile, and would certainly not survive 65+ MY of fossilization. Proteins in general are fragile molecules, easily degraded beyond the point of usefulness, which is the major problem with this technique. Most older fossils are actually just rock, with the calcium and other hard bony substances having been replaced by real rock during the process of long-term fossilization. Thus, no DNA.

    The mosquito thing is interesting, but it's not possible for real, functional DNA to have survived that particular process. Also bear in mind that there are other chemical processes inside the body of a mosquito that would probably render the proteins in the dinosaur's blood useless.

    Of course, the mammoths are an entirely different kettle of fish. They were frozen, which is a process that preserves protein, while causing individual cells to explode (this is the extent of my knowledge...). Thus, the chances of a mammoth being successfully cloned are quite high.

    How can you PROVE some dinosaurs ate meat and killed other dino's?

    Why would a herbivorous animal need powerful incisors? Also, fossils have been found of carnivorous dinosaurs with their last meals preserved in their stomachs.

  • rocketman

    There's no doubt that carniverous Dinosaurs were, well, carniverous. I guess it's possible that their meat-eating was limited to scavenging, though they also appear to be built for the hunt.

    Whatever the case, even the WTS no longer says that they Dinos were killed at the flood, but they maintain it was earlier, when "God ended their life" in whatever means he saw fit. Still though, that does debunk the notion that animals ate veggies until the fall of man.

    Plus, I often wondered why man's sin would have some effect on the animal realm anyway.

  • AlanF

    Gumby asked:

    : How can you PROVE some dinosaurs ate meat and killed other dino's?

    Plenty of ways, but you have to do a lot of reading about fossils to find them. Here's a link to the best example I know of:


    In various references on fossils one can find pictures of smaller animals inside the rib cages of larger, obviously predatory, dinosaurs. There's a picture somewhere (I can find it it you like) of the fossil of a larger fish swallowing a smaller fish, obviously dying in the process of biting more than it could chew.

    Another interesting line of inquiry is whether "pre-Flood" man ate meat. This can really tie JWs in knots. According to JWs, mammoths died off in Noah's Flood. However, plenty of fossil evidence exists showing that mammoths were regularly killed by Siberian hunters and American Indians. For example, near Lethbridge (Alberta, Canada) is a paleoanthropological site called "Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump" where ancient Americans used to drive bison over a cliff to kill them. Therefore mammoth hunters must have existed before the Flood, right? Well, right? But if not, then mammoths must not have been killed in the Flood, which contradicts longstanding Watchtower tradition.


  • gumby

    Thanks Alan,

    Here is some tidbits from the site you provided that gives credence to the argument.

    Huge, Fossilized T. rex Dung Found
    July 17, 1998

    A Tyrannosaurus rex coprolite (fossilized feces) was recently found in Saskatchewan, Canada by a team of Royal Saskatchewan Museum paleontologists. These scientists were looking for fossils near a T. rex that was being excavated.

    This coprolite is a whitish-green rock that is 17 inches (44 cm) long, 6 inches (15 cm) high and 5 inches (13 cm) wide.

    Bone fragments from Triceratops, a giant plant-eating dinosaur, were found in T. rex's dung.

    Dr. Karen Chin performed detailed research and analysis on the ichnofossil and determined that it was indeed the fossil of an organic substance. She also examined the fragments contained within the dung. The coprolite

    contains chunks of bones from an herbivorous (plant-eating) dinosaur which was eaten by the T. rex. This bone fragment is perhaps part of the head frill of a Triceratops.
    This specimen dates from 65 million year ago - the very end of the Cretaceous period, right before the huge K-T extinction.


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