Do you know of any elder that should not have been appointed?

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  • was a new boy
    was a new boy

    Built Kingdom Hall during his reign as Presiding Overseer in TN. Before being reassigned in 70's; stumbled half the congregation. WT sold it a few years later.

    One of few JW obituaries where there's no preaching, wonder why?

  • NewYork44M

    I was appointed an elder 6 months after learning TTATT. If the appointment was directed by the holy spirit, I should have never been appointed. Unfortunately, due to peer/family pressure, I accepted the appointment.

  • oppostate

    Yup, a ministerial servant who got caught masturbating and exposing himself, by a cop in town and in flagrante after a complaint, even made the local paper when he pled guilty in court, but was best buddies with the PO and business associate of two other elders. Two years later he is being recommended to elder, and gets appointed even after the CO was told about the public incident, turns out the guys wife was besties with the CO's wife. Thats New England small town JW life for ya! He is still an elder after telling a sister he continues to masturbate regularly, she divulged when she got out, but then she is now regarded as an apostate.

  • MeanMrMustard

    Really, should **any** of them hold the position they have? In other words, the position itself is flawed.

  • smiddy3

    Yes ,one was a real nut case who really knew how to use the bible to his advantage against anyone who was in his sites.

    I felt sorry for his children and his wife , who were really screwed up by his controlling influence.

    This was in Redcliffe QLD.Australia, Anybody from there will know whom I`m talking about.

    His wife got her monthly`s twice a month ( I wonder why ) was forever on deaths door and actually passed Cancer from her body ( on the toilet ?)

  • Vidiot


    Spoiled for choice, it seems.

  • Roddy

    Actually in the congregation I was in all the elders were very good men. Even when they had to see me in a judicial meeting once they gave me the benefit of the doubt and actually took my side.

    Then came one elder that it appears he didn't like me. Friendly in public but I can tell from his attitude he wouldn't care if I never came to the meetings. I guess you can say that our personalities clashed. I wouldn't kiss up to him. The other elders were not that way. They were really good people. From some of the experiences I read here, really good elders seem to be a shortage in the congregations.

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