WT is lying about the actual publisher numbers

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  • Vidiot
    Corney - "So, on the one hand, Watchtower publishes both 'good' and 'bad' (e.g., Germany, Japan, Poland) figures, and its statistics are generally corroborated by census and survey reports... On the other hand, people dislike and distrust them because they are lying assholes, therefore all Watchtower's reports are FAKE NEWS... Sounds like very strong argument, doesn't it?"

    That's an oversimplification of what we're trying to say, I think.

    Remember, in Watchtowistan, growth equals God's blessing. It's been viewed that way for decades, and is, IMO, way too integral a component of WT ideology to ever truly abandon.

    As such, I personally suspect that the Org publishes just enough accurate and corroborative(ish) statistics to suit that purpose...

    ...(i.e., admitting what amounts to slight decline in some regions, but greater increase in others to still give the overall impression of growth)...

    ...whilst abso-fucking-lutely withholding the full extent of the facts.

  • redvip2000

    I believe the numbers themselves are probably fairly accurate, because there are too many eyes on them.

    In other words, in the entire work stream of counting, from the folks at the congregation to the folks at the local branch, to the folks in NY, there are a lot of eyes on these numbers. There would have to be a concerted effort to be openly dishonest.

    I just don't see the folks at the service dept getting together and saying "well the GB asked us to add another zero to the total, so let's do it"

    The game to play is instead to define HOW to count. It is at this level that the organization can massage the numbers.

  • Simon

    Yeah, I don't think they miscount, they even count and report the memorial partakers even though the number going up was counter to their beliefs. If anything they are obsessed with numbers but will always try to focus on interpreting them in a way that they come out covered in glory ... just like most organizations do.

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