WT is lying about the actual publisher numbers

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  • pepperheart

    john even in 2012 they sold 20 branches around the world off

  • Finkelstein

    It is another game by the GB, which apparently they are making fool of themselves, through JW broadcast.

    Or is it their pressing strategy to fool their followers ? . like when they stated Kingdom Halls will have to be built because of the growth expansion, particularly in the United States.

    This was said by Mark Stephen Lett (GB member) not too long ago.

  • Crazyguy

    The foreign language congregations were also created with a false sense of growth. I’m just north of where the hall was burned down in washington state. That hall had two English one Spanish and a Manderin congregation. I can tell you there’s really no need for a mandarin in that area.

    Also a relative started attending the local ASL congregation and they said most their were not deaf and very few were maybe a handful. It’s all smoke and mirrors!

  • Gorbatchov

    What I hear is that congregations become grey and most elderly witness are sick.


  • Vidiot

    "All the leaves are brown... and the skies are grey..."


  • Corney
    steve2 This trend towards more people identifying as JWs than the official number of active publishers is true of most religious groups. More self-identify than who affiliate.

    Agree, but JWs' affiliation and participation rate is tens of percent points higher than in most other religious groups.

    Crazyguy, totally agree. That's why I mentioned this.

  • ToesUp

    NO!!! WT wouldn't lie would they? lol It's "theocratic warfare!!!"

  • hoser

    I worked for a company that was going broke. The general manager lied about the financial health of the company to the workers so that they wouldn’t look for a job elsewhere. The manager’s end game was to keep the company going as long as possible so she and her husband could keep getting a fat pay check.

    Why would watchtower tell the truth about the numbers? Everyone might quit.

  • Corney

    So, on the one hand, Watchtower publishes both "good" and "bad" (e.g., Germany, Japan, Poland) figures, and its statistics are generally corroborated by census and survey reports.

    On the other hand, people dislike and distrust them because they are lying assholes, therefore all Watchtower's reports are FAKE NEWS... Sounds like very strong argument, doesn't it?

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Yeah, now a days, you can report 1 hour per month and you will still be viewed as an active publisher.

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