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  • bohm
    It isn't in anyone's interest to tax imports. The UK will not likely get free trade deal, but it'll get a good deal that reflects the above

    That's why it was perhaps not the brightest idea of all time to leave the most well-integrated trading block in the world and then try to negotiate a half-baked solution later... You are right, there will be a trade deal between the UK and EU, nobody is disputing that. What is not being disputed either (except by a very small minority) is that it will not be as good as what is currently in place and it will hurt both the UK and the EU in several ways.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    We don't have a " European wide web " we have a " World Wide Web" and we just joined it on equal terms. That's the democracy the U.K chose, and whilst I voted in, we are out and that's the democratic process. Fair play and end of.

    The Rebel.

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