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  • Mozzie

    Let her ask the questions without you pushing it, subtle hints in general can often work rather than just blurting something out. Perhaps let the GB talk themselves into a questionable as they do and ask her about it, JWFacts JWSurvey can help but be subtle about it, like say hmmm this is interesting, stuff like that, let her enquirer

  • Chook

    Hi untruth

    you are in an unenviable position, I feel sorry for those born into this cult. Nearly all JWs have flat earth syndrome , I hope one day your wife can come around . The emotional roller coaster will be wild especially if your fellow elders smell blood . This religions legacy is broken families and some spouses will choose the cult over their spouse. You might be glad that there are no children, especially if you can't get wife to see the light. You will eventually have to decide how many days wasted in the cult verse freedom from slavery. May you be blessed in your endeavours and also you are in a great position to sow doubts. Again welcome aboard this forum.

  • krejames

    Welcome Untruth. So much good advice on this thread. The common theme is take it slow slow slow and avoid criticizing the organisation.

    Everyone's different but something which helped me wake up was completely unconnected with the religion. You might be able to create similar opportunities with your wife. I went to Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, I think it was in 2011. There was a huge, huge photo of a gazelle running directly towards the camera with a look of terror. Behind it were some leopard cubs looking quite evil. The photo, probably because of its size had a massive impact on me. The caption explained that the mother had broken the leg of the gazelle so that she could train her cubs to hunt and that the cubs would soon catch the gazelle and kill it. Looking at the fear on the gazelle's face made me question the whole notion of "looking to creation to see examples of Jehovah's love".

    That's just an example. You might be able to create similar opportunities for your wife to ask basic questions or you could use the "if someone on the doors asked you" approach. E.g. "If someone on the doors asked you how to explain how a god of love could have deliberately created a situation involving animals dying in sheer terror and pain, how would you explain it? Couldn't God have arranged to ensure animals got fed in a way that doesn't involve pain and fear"

  • Nevuela

    My question to the "we must obey" lot is this: what exact scripture in the Bible specifically states that we are to obey without question ANY human or organization? Not even the "faithful and discreet slave" is described in the Bible as someone/something we should obey. If anything, the FDS has an obligation to US to "provide spiritual food at the proper time."

    Also, where does the Bible say it requires supplementary literature that would not be created until the 20th century to spoon-feed scriptural interpretations to us? And that that literature should be studied more than the actual Bible?

    And the biggest question of all: if Judaism and Catholicism and Islam and every other "false" religion has existed for hundreds if not thousands of years, why would Jehovah wait so long to guide his chosen sons to create the one true religion? Why would false religion be all that existed for the past 6,000 years, but "the truth" has only been present on earth for a little over a century?

  • wannaexit

    Hello Untruth: I was a wife like your wife is right now. As Scully and many here have said take it SLOW but keep asking those probing questions that will make her think. She may not admit it to you right away, but she will think about them.

    I believe that most jw's harbour secret doubts, but the indoctrination makes it hard to see them. Given time, your wife will see it too.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Paradise Beauty:

    D2D is extrabiblical


  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    hello Untruth

    have you considered your plan B ?

    what will you do with your life if your wife doesnt wake up?

  • biblexaminer

    Educate yourself. This is paramount.

    Know what you are talking about first. Get your facts straight. Humble yourself to the truth and let it do the job for you.

    Do not allow yourself to think you will accomplish this on your own. If you fail at this first thing, then call a good divorce lawyer.

    As you come to understand clearer the truth and the facts, then it will become clear to you what to do.

    If you have a family study, do not miss it. But know the whole truth thoroughly and when you sit down to study, this is your opportunity.

    If you don't have a formal study, I think most JWs do not study in actuality, but regardless, any opportunity to discuss the material at hand is an opportunity to insert some truth into 'the tr00th'.

    As some have said, little things... Never a barrage. Restraint. Patience. Thick skin and prayer.

    This weeks Kingdom Book study was a golden opportunity. Learn what the material is actually saying. Think of different ways to express it, and short.

    For example. Ask your wife, who are the "close associates" the article speaks of that were part of CT Russell's little circle. Research and know who the men in the article mentioned were. Know what the article says, and more importantly know what it doesn't say, that will be understood by dub readers, to have been said. Articles many times are intentionally written and designed to infer something untrue so as to benefit Watchtower.

    Does wife know that the article is teaching that CT Russell was the fulfillment of prophecy, specifically the one that refers to the coming of John the Baptist (Baptizer in JW lingo)

    Does wife know that CT Russell and George Storrs had nothing to do with one another. Storrs had a magazine called "Bible Examiner" through which Russell learned the truth about the Trinity and Hellfire. Russell was 27 when Storrs died at 83yrs in 1879 and when the "Bible Examiner" didn't have its owner, Russell started The Watchtower magazine.

    This is a smattering of he facts. Use them. But use them cautiously, do not shove a clump of food down the drain, it'll plug.

  • SimonSays

    I would take an interest in JW history. Many JW's collect the old books and photo's of Bro Russel or Rutherford. Find the one about Beth Sarim with Rutherford sitting outside his mansion waiting for the prophets of old to be resurrected to live with him in California. Give a little laugh and say "i wonder why Jehovah told him that".

    If you ask any Bible Student anything to do with JW’s they most likely will agree with you. So Beth Sarim is a none starter. JW’s are already hip to the notion the house was built by Bible Student to help Rutherford with his health issues, that he contracted by being thrown in prison by Fascist Catholics that incited the government to charge the Bible Student leaders with sedition.

    The erred perception that he built it for what he stated in his book “millions now living will never die” was the icing opposers needed to discredit his purpose of wanting to give “hope” to “millions now living” at that time for a better world, “if” the prospect of the ancients such as Moses, Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac would return (Resurrected) would, therefore, afford of “never” having to “die”, since the world would have gone into the millennial reign. For people just coming out of a world war, to them, it might have sounded good. Perhaps too much wishful thinking, but would have been nice for them.

    But that would be something the Bible Students would have to answer. JW’s interest is after 1931.

    Just curious, though. What would someone that dedicated half their life to honor their creator, then suddenly get tired? How would you see life, if you had signs of the 4 horsemen being released, let’s say by 2017? What then. I can see a Witness turn atheist as thousands have since they feel if the WTS was the ultimate truth, then…there is no other, since the rest of Christendom isn’t that zealous. What would the reaction be?

  • jeanniebeanzz

    Perhaps just a bit off-topic, but has the org begun asking those who saved original magazines in those binder thingy's to dispose of them? It might be nice to get your hands on some since they 'tweaked' the 'reprinted' mags in the bound volumes... your wife may find the differences between what they say they said and what they actually said interesting...

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