I need your opinions and recommendations please.

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  • bola

    After my exit from the watchtower shunning cult, I have received tons of invitations from different churches. But because I am aware of religious cults, I need recommendations of churches that are not cults at all. After exiting the watchtower cult, I don't want to fall into another religious cults. I am waiting for your kind replies. Thanks in advance.

  • bola

    I need recommendations of churches which I can attend that do not require me to evangelize.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    The watchtower organization ruined me for religion and God. When it comes to that topic, I trust nobody and I'm done with agonizing over what the scriptures supposedly say or don't say or whether there's a god or not.

    I have no recommendations for you other than to say, don't limit your search to only Christianity or take any religious teachings too seriously or base any of your major lifes goals or decisions on what other groups of people have to say.

  • newsheep

    For me they are all cults.If you find one that makes you happy give it a just but watch for the same signs as the jdubs.

  • Xanthippe

    Went to a few spiritualist churches and found it really interesting. Not cultish and quite enlightening. Some oddballs of course and I didn't follow the philosophy, which is what they call their beliefs but the mediums were very interesting. People will dislike me saying that but don't knock it until you try it for your own research.

  • bola

    I am grateful for your replies. From your replies so far, all religions are cults. Which means I should be an atheist and I should not join any religion. Thanks one more time. I appreciate your replies so far.

  • Rainbow_Troll
  • LifesNotOver

    Pete Zahut said: "The watchtower organization ruined me for religion and God." I'm taking that phrase into therapy with me, if I may. So well puts into just a few words exactly how I'm thinking and feeling these days. Even seeing "god" capitalized makes me shudder with distaste.

  • Rainbow_Troll
    LideIsNotOver: Even seeing "god" capitalized makes me shudder with distaste.

    Then perhaps you should consider Satanism.

  • cofty

    All churches are cults. It is a spectrum. Some are less harmful than others. It all depends how much you value your right to do your own thinking.

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