I think we are being shunned

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  • blondie

    When we stopped going, a "friend" a.nd MS dropped by with the magazines; then the elders told him that only if we came to the KH could we get magazines. We are inactive for 15 years now but jws at the cart who know us still wave and say hi and give us publications. A few who we bump into at the grocery store run like we are Satan himself, but just one family.

    It is still by personal decision officially but I don't see much of it yet in my area.

  • Wayward

    It really depends on how fanatical the individual JWs are. Some will take the "shun inactive ones who are seriously sinning" to mean ALL inactives. Others will just ignore the whole "amp up your shunning" message completely.

  • Finkelstein

    I just like to know if we have possibly been added to the esteemed group of people that is to be shunned.

    Sometimes its just a matter of not seeing people for a long time, putting yourself on the out of mind, forgotten list.

    You should be thankful anyways for not being inundated with the lies and corruption of this religoius organization.



    Since fading we have been totally shunned and our former family and friends use the term............" you have left Jehovah " which is now the new tag for................"You're Apostate - you are to be avoided at all cost "

    Post the RC's in October in my country this will probably cement that situation !



  • Mozzie

    The convention is happening here in Perth right now, so i am guessing there will be a lot of shunning going on soon, sad really, i have seen the scriptures they are trying to use to justify it, but you have to be blind to agree with them.

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    There's a witness family that lives a couple minutes away from me. They are pretty close with my parents. My wife ran into them at the grocery store yesterday and they were buying a bunch of stuff for a cook-out this weekend. They didn't invite us over or anything. I probably would have gone because I won't turn down free food. I don't really mind they didn't invite me, however, what really gets me is this: If I went to the Kingdom Hall on Sunday morning, they'd love bomb me and say how much they miss me and how good it is to see me and all that crap. Well if they miss me that much, why the hell don't they reach out to me. The truth is they don't miss me, they just go into the usual routine when an inactive one comes to the meetings and they say all the stuff they are supposed to say.

  • Tallon

    ..... Post the RC's in October in my country this will probably cement that situation !

    FREE AT LAST ! .... AMANDLA ! ..... Zappa-Esque


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